Sean Fargo

Sean Fargo has been teaching mindfulness and creating guided meditation programs for many years in the USA, China, Thailand and Singapore. He is a certified instructor for Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute and has guided meditations for corporations such as Reddit, PG&E, DocuSign and Singtel.

He is the Founder of Mindfulness Exercises, the world’s top mindfulness resource, ranked for offering more than 1,500 free mindfulness talks, meditations, worksheets and more. Sean currently runs an online mindfulness teacher certification program, training mindfulness teachers on deepening their meditation, emotional intelligence, and formal offerings. He teaches integrated mindfulness practices to chronic pain patients, inmates in prisons and corporate executives.

Practiced as a Buddhist monk for 2 years and trained by pre-eminent meditation leaders, Sean carries forth his lineage by adapting timeless meditative traditions to contemporary life challenges.

Sean’s trainings are experiential, fun and engaging. He eloquently presents techniques that are practical, down to earth and innovative. Drawing from a range of mindfulness and meditation methods, he’s responsive to his audience and tailors each presentation to their needs.
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