Wishing Ourselves And Others Well

Taking the time to wish ourselves and others well can be a powerful tool for achieving greater peace and serenity. This guided mindfulness exercise will show you how.

Wishing Ourselves And Others WellMore from: Sean Fargo


How to Wish Ourselves and Others Well

In our hectic and busy lives, it’s not uncommon to spend much of our time worrying about both the present and the future. Are we achieving enough today? Have we checked off all of the tasks on our to do list? Do we have enough time to complete all of the tasks we’d set for ourselves today? Do we need to work even faster in order to get everything done? And how much multitasking will we need to on top of everything else?

As we’re worrying about our own performance, our daily tasks, and the uncertainty of the future, it’s not uncommon to grow upset or frustrated with those around us. Perhaps we’re unhappy because they’re not doing enough to assist us in achieving our goals. Maybe we’re just blaming those around us for their shortcomings as a reflection of our own frustrations. Regardless of the specifics, we often find ourselves growing irritated with our friends, family, and coworkers, even if we love and respect them on a deeper level.

Wishing Others Well, Wishing Ourselves Well

When we choose not to engage in these behaviors, opting instead to consciously wish ourselves and others well, we can begin to reshape our experience of reality. Instead of finding ourselves frustrated with our current experience, both as it pertains to ourselves and to those around us, we’ll begin to feel gratitude rather than anxiety.

In this mindfulness exercise, Sean Fargo helps us learn how to wish both ourselves and others well. As someone who specializes in offering mindfulness teacher training to others, Sean assists listeners in extending feelings of gratitude and love to the people they’re close to. In the same way that we can learn to actively practice this kind of gratitude and well wishing towards others, we can do the same for ourselves.

Wishing Ourselves And Others Well