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January 1, 2022

Sean Fargo leads a guided mindfulness meditation to enhance curiosity of the present moment, observing sensations as pleasant, unpleasant, or neutral. Can we be with whatever the feeling tones of our experience might be?

Close our eyes gently or look downward to limit visual distractions, maybe taking a couple of deep breaths with the belly, settling into the body, perhaps noticing any predominant sensations anywhere in the body. It's taking stock, what we can feel, noticing whether sensations feel pleasant or unpleasant or neutral.

We're not judging these sensations to be good or bad, right or wrong, we're simply noticing what they feel like and whether they feel pleasant or unpleasant or neither.

Just being with whatever sensations are predominant, not trying to change them or hold on to them, not thinking why they're here but just dropping all of that and just feeling them, sensing them, just noticing the physicality and staying with them. 

Allowing unpleasant sensations to be here. Allowing pleasant sensations to be here. Perhaps increasing curiosity for neutral sensations. Noticing how these sensations are changing, allowing them to change as we bring this gentle awareness to the body.


Noticing what predominant sensations there are now in the body. Where are the most predominant sensations? Are they pleasant or unpleasant or neutral? Can you just hang out with them? Tending and befriending.


May we be safe. May we be healthy. May we be happy. May we live with ease. Now maybe taking a few more deep breaths with the belly, lengthening the exhale, feeling your feet on the ground, the weight of your body on the seat, maybe wiggling your fingers or toes, softening your jaw and slowly opening the eyes whenever you're ready.

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