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January 1, 2022

Is there a place inside of you – some area of your body – that feels safe to settle into? Sense into this place of refuge with care and curiosity before noticing if this sense of safety expands within the body.

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So, just sensing into the body, either with your eyes open or closed, or looking downward, just sensing how the body's feeling now. Noticing how we're holding ourselves. If there's a part of the body that feels like we're holding on or tightening.

Maybe, many of our areas of our body feel a little tight that we're holding on. Whether we're leaning forward or back, left or right. Whether we feel heavy, being pulled down, or lofty, and sort of in our head or in the clouds. Just getting a sense for this experience, this felt experience.

And can we invite a sense of ease into the body. Inviting a sense of balance, and breathing in and out naturally. Honoring what's here with this gentle invitation for ease and balance. In a sense of embodied presence, and opening to the fullness of the body.

Perhaps there's a place in the body that feels safe, and sensing into the safety of that place in the body. Maybe it's the belly, or the feet, or the head, or the heart, wherever that is for you, sensing into the safety part of the body. And welcoming the sense of safety and that part of the body. This can be a place of refuge.

May we be able to feel a sense of safety in more and more areas of the body. Safe. And noticing how that sense of safety feels in the parts of the body where you feel safe, whether it's heavy or light, empty or full, warm or cool, hard or soft, dry or moist. And exploring a sense of safety in the body as refuge that is always with us.

May this safety grow in our bodies bit by bit, day by day, with courage to expand with this gentle awareness of how the rest of the body is feeling. And now, maybe taking a deep breath or two. May we bring the same sense of refuge in the body, the sense of grounded safety to our experience for the rest of the day. And, slowly opening your eyes whenever you're ready, if they were closed.

Download this Audio Meditation for Free, Just Enter Your First Name and Email Address:

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