Earn up to $599 for each paid referral while sharing mindfulness and meditation with others!

Are you passionate about helping others live a more

mindful or holistic lifestyle?

Maybe you’re a…

  • Mindfulness teacher or practitioner
  • Yoga teacher or yoga studio owner
  • Life coach
  • Wellness influencer
  • Massage therapist
  • Psychologist or psychotherapist
  • Holistic doctor or energy healer

…or anyone who wants to help others live a happier and healthier life.

If so, becoming a Mindfulness Exercises affiliate is the perfect way to generate passive income while sharing something you’re already passionate about.

By partnering with us as an affiliate, you provide your audience new opportunities to start or deepen their meditation or mindfulness practice… all while earning commissions that can help you:

Grow your business

Impact more lives faster

Spend more time doing what you love

Earn 30% Commissions On Every Referral

Here’s how much you can earn

for each referral sale made by sharing Mindfulness Exercises programs with others:

Premium Mindfulness Product

Typical Customer Price

Typical Affiliate Commission

Mindfulness Teacher Training & Certification

$370 (x5 installments) to $1,997

$370 (x5) to $1,997

$111.00 (x5 installments) to $599.10

$111.00 (x5) to $599.10

Brandable Mindfulness Teaching Curriculum

$997 - $1,597

$299.10 - $479.10

Mindfulness Teaching Fundamentals Course



Online Mindfulness Meditation Retreat



Complete Mindfulness Toolkit



200 Guided Meditation Scripts

$67 - $87

$20.10 - $26.10

300 Mindfulness Worksheets

$47 - $67

$14.10 - $20.10

Your earnings will be credited to your Paypal account 14 days after each referral sale.

The Benefits of Being a

Mindfulness Exercises Affiliate

Easy sign up

Click here to join the affiliate program and you’ll be able to access your affiliate account in minutes. Get custom links that you can easily paste anywhere.

More opportunities to earn

Because of our super long cookie duration (180 days), you get credit for any purchase that your referral makes on our website – even months after they first click your referral link.

Quick payout

Get paid 14 days after each referral sale is made. Easily track everything in your custom ThriveCart account so you know exactly how much earnings to expect.

How Do I Get Started?

Start earning passive income as a Mindfulness Exercises affiliate today with these 5 simple steps:

Click on the Sign Up button below to apply to become an affiliate. Our affiliate program is powered by Samcart so you’ll need to create an account on this platform.

, Affiliate Program

Allow a few minutes to receive a confirmation email that confirms that you’ve become an affiliate for any Mindfulness Exercises programs. 

, Affiliate Program

Log in to your Samcart account to see your dashboard, get your affiliate links, and keep track of your sales and commissions.

, Affiliate Program

Copy your unique affiliate links for each of our products and paste within your website, social media post, blog, or email.

, Affiliate Program

Receive payment in your PayPal account 14 days after each referral sale.

Need help?

Simply reach out to us at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to walk you through the process.

Ready to get started?

3 Easy Ways to Earn More Passive Income as a

Mindfulness Exercises Affiliate

Making more money with our affiliate program is simple. Join now by signing up via SamCart and share our offerings however feels most authentic and suitable to you

Here are some ideas that can get you started:

1. Leverage your social media account or email newsletter to give your audience tips for bringing mindfulness or meditation into their life. Mention one of our programs that could help them integrate this into their life…

  • Want to help introduce someone to the basics of mindfulness, mindful eating, and gratitude? Share the link to the Complete Mindfulness Toolkit.
  • Want to help your students or clients apply mindfulness to different areas of their life? Our 300 mindfulness worksheets offer exercises and journal prompts to help people address challenges in every important category of life.
  • Want to help others become certified to teach mindfulness to others? Let them know about our Mindfulness Teacher Certification Program.

2. Create an article or blog post for your website that relates to a topic in mindfulness and meditation. Embed a link to a relevant Mindfulness Exercises program that will help your audience apply this topic to their life.

3. Write a review about any Mindfulness Exercises program that’s helped you enhance your mindfulness or bring mindfulness to others. Share a link to the program in your review.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Mindfulness Exercises affiliate program?

This program is a way for people who want to share mindfulness with others to earn passive income. This works by getting credit for 30% of each sale made through a custom link to each Mindfulness Exercises program listed in the table at the top of this page.

Who is eligible to join?

Anyone! You don’t need any special experience or background to become a mindfulness exercises affiliate. Simply sign up and copy and paste your unique affiliate link that you’ll receive in Samcart.

How much commission can you earn?

You’ll earn 30% of the price of the product sold. Please see the table at the top of this page for the specific payout range based on the product that your referral buys.

How and when do I get paid?

In your affiliate dashboard, provide your PayPal address where you’d like payments sent. 14 days after the sale goes through your commission will be paid into your account.

What’s a cookie and why is a long duration one good?

The link you are provided in your affiliate dashboard is unique to you. When your referral visits our site with that link, we will put a cookie on their browser. This will link you to that user and assign you credit for the sale. By having a long duration cookie, if they return at any time within that window (180 days), even months later, and purchase another course, you’ll still get credit for that sale!

What happens if my referral buys another product on your site I didn’t share with them?

You will still get credit for the sale, if made within the 180 day cookie duration window.

Can I purchase products for myself using my own link?

No, the affiliate program is intended to help spread the word with others.

What are the best ways to share my affiliate link with others?

Your affiliate link is unique to you. Many people just email people with the link, while others who desire truly passive income can write a review or blog post and embed the link in the article. When anyone who reads it clicks through and purchases, you’ll get credit for the sale.

Other questions not listed here?

Feel free to contact us at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help.

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