Concentration And Mindfulness, by Marcia Rose:   About Marcia Rose: I find

Cultivating Joy

Cultivating JoyCultivating Joy. Joy is most available to you when you are

Cultivating Equanimity

Cultivating EquanimityCultivating Equanimity. Equanimity arises through continued mindfulness. Being mindful right here

Impermanence Meditation

Impermanence MeditationImpermanence Meditation. We cannot know the future. Anything can happen at

Being Still Meditation

Being Still MeditationBeing Still Meditation. Give yourself permission to embrace this moment

5 Minute Standing Meditation

5 Minute Standing Meditation5 Minute Standing Meditation. Standing meditation is one of

When You Just Can't Meditate

When You Just Can't MeditateWhen you just can't meditate. The best news

Mindful Walking

Mindful Walking ScriptMindful Walking Script. Many meditation traditions include walking as part

Self Kindness - Part 2

Self Kindness - Part 2Self Kindness - Part 2. Can be done

Self Kindness - Part 1

Self Kindness - Part 1Self Kindness - Part 1. Sometimes, it can

Mindful Speech

Mindful SpeechMindful speech is about being conscious about not only what words