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August 3, 2016

Attracting your soulmate is possible with mindfulness. This binaural beat will help you reach the fully present state necessary for soulmate attraction.

Soulmate Attraction Binaural Beat by Eric Bartel. https://free-meditation-music.com

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Attracting Your Soulmate

In our modern, contemporary world, our notion of “love” is often a skewed one. Starting at a very young age, we’re bombarded with all sorts of different ideas about what a relationship can or should look like. We grow accustomed to particular conceptions of what is or is not attractive and develop strong opinions about who and how our significant other should be. More often than not, these ideas that we form can be unrealistic, unhealthy, and unfulfilling for us in the long run.

On top of this, we often enter into romantic relationships in order to fill a hole within ourselves. Because we’re uncomfortable in some way, we look for a means of distracting ourselves and filling in the areas that are missing from our lives. Whether we’re struggling with issues related to abandonment, suffering from anxiety or depression, or dealing with any number of other psychological, emotional, or spiritual maladies, it’s easy to look to a romantic partner as someone to fix or heal us.

Creating the relationship you need and deserve

Unfortunately, taking this approach to a relationship often leads to heartache, misery, and disaster. Many of us have experienced this, particularly when we’re younger: we find ourselves in relationships that don’t work for us, that is unhealthy, and that doesn’t make us happy by any stretch of the word.

Binaural beat to attract your soulmate

Instead of desperately seeking to fill empty spaces in your experience, searching for your soulmate can be a practice in centering: it can even be a kind of mindfulness exercise. This recording features what’s called a binaural beat: a kind of auditory illusion that occurs when you’re presented with two separate sine waves that are very close to together in frequency.

When listening to this binaural beat, you’ll find that you experience a deep sense of grounded, centeredness, and calm. As you enter into this state, practice a simple mindfulness meditation. Focus on your breath, and open yourself up to the possibility that the right person is out there for you. Your thoughts create your reality. With the right intention, and with a sense of internal wholeness, you can bring your soulmate into your life.

Download this Audio Meditation for Free, Just Enter Your First Name and Email Address:

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