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How To Use Our Mindfulness Worksheets

Mindfulness is more than meditation. While formal seated practice is indeed a powerful way of developing mindfulness, it is not the only way we can explore this way of being. For those that enjoy journaling or reflective exercises, mindfulness worksheets are a useful tool to have by your side as you explore your life with greater awareness.

With 320 unique mindfulness worksheets for you to use, there is no shortage of written resources available to deepen your personal practice. These worksheets on mindfulness will gently guide you into new ways of thinking about yourself and your interactions with life, promoting your personal growth in beautiful ways.

But, before we get straight to it, let’s explore a bit more about what worksheets on mindfulness have to offer.

The Benefits of Mindfulness Worksheets

Most of us are aware of the benefits of mindfulness. Warmly regarded for its ability to ease stress and anxiety, improve sleep quality, increase happiness and contentment, and more, mindfulness is a powerful tool for helping us to get the most out of life.

Most often, what comes to mind first when we think about mindfulness practice is formal meditation. We envision someone seated quietly (in either silence or while listening to a guided meditation), refraining from engagement with the world around them. While this is indeed one picture of mindfulness practice, it is not complete. There are many ways to practice mindfulness beyond what we might first consider.

For example, mindfulness worksheets are an often overlooked tool that we can use to deepen our practice. Many worksheets involve some element of practice or reflection before probing us to more deeply considered whatever our experience may be.

Some of the benefits of using mindfulness worksheets in conjunction with more formal practice include:

  • Increased opportunity for reflection and contemplation
  • Increased opportunity to integrate the insights we encounter
  • Diversified way of learning mindfulness principles (both conceptual and experiential)
  • Opportunity to broaden our understanding about what mindfulness ‘looks like’
  • Opportunity to put written words to our feelings, which enhances self-expression
  • Increased opportunity for interaction, teaching, and sharing

For many of us who practice mindfulness, a gap exists (even if subtle) between our formal practice and our everyday life. Worksheets are one way to fill that gap. They give us a chance to reflect upon our practice, guiding us to make mindfulness more than a place we visit for 5, 10, or 20 minutes each day. 

How to Incorporate Mindfulness Into Everyday Life

Putting mindfulness into practice in our daily lives is sometimes easier said than done. We’ll often read something interesting, listen to an audiobook, or watch an inspirational video online and then tell ourselves that we’ll incorporate what we’ve read, heard, or seen into our daily habits. Frequently, though, something gets lost in translation: we want to create new habits of mindfulness, but the hectic pace of our daily lives can make for a challenging stumbling block.

Using mindfulness worksheets can make it easier to incorporate mindfulness into your daily life. For instance, a worksheet on transforming anger will offer concrete steps as to how you can manage anger when it arises as you move through your day, or gratitude worksheets that can be a helpful tool for a person to cultivate a positive and grateful mindset. With just as practical an application, a worksheet on scheduling worry time can help to broaden the way you organize your days and make room for life’s stressors. 

Additional ways to incorporate mindfulness into your everyday life using worksheets on mindfulness include:

  • Setting time aside each day to complete one written exercise
  • Using a journal daily to mindfully reflect upon what is moving through you
  • Making a list of your favorite mindfulness worksheets and the techniques they cover
  • Using worksheet themes as discussion topics when spending time with close friends and family
  • Setting an intention for your day after completing a worksheet to help deepen your commitment to its teachings

6 Unique Ways to Use Worksheets for Mindfulness

There are many different ways to use these free mindfulness worksheets. By considering these applications, their usage becomes not only more enjoyable but more diversified. Worksheets need not only be used in solitude. So, the following suggestions will expand your understanding of how these can be implemented into your life.

1. After silent meditation practice

Worksheets are a wonderful resource to engage with once we have sat and grounded our energy for at least five minutes. This helps us to bring the fullness of our attention to the questions and practices offered to us. 

2. With a close friend, family member, or intimate partner

If we are close with someone who is also interested in mindfulness, we might use worksheets as a way of connecting in a less than traditional way. We can practice exclusively and then share our reflections and experience with the person we’ve chosen to share this with.

3. In a guided workshop or seminar

If you are leading a workshop or seminar, mindfulness worksheets are a great resource to use as a teaching tool. It provides you as a teacher with a guideline to follow, and at the same time, it is a nice takeaway for those attending the session.

4. During a small gathering of close friends

With more and more people becoming curious about mindfulness, these worksheets may also be used in small, intimate groups. If you have a small group of friends who are interested in diving into this work, you might decide to be an informal leader or teacher and organize a group session of your own.

5. While on a personal retreat

Taking some time away from the busy world for a while? Download or print off your favorite worksheets (or those that sound most intriguing to you) and bring them along. These can act as an informal mindfulness guide while you step back from everyday life.

6. In corporate settings

If you think that certain worksheets might be useful for the workplace, speak with your manager or human resource coordinator to discuss how these worksheets might be implemented into team meetings. Allow yourself to think outside the box.

Have other ideas about unique ways to use these mindfulness worksheets? The sky is the limit! Let these 6 suggestions prompt you to thinking even further outside the box. There are no ends to how mindfulness can be explored and applied.

How to Access Free Mindfulness Worksheets

Here at, you’ll find a plethora of mindfulness-related worksheets and exercises that can contribute to your pursuit of a more mindful, conscious existence. We have compiled more than 300 individual mindfulness worksheets that you can make use of at your own pace. Each one is designed to be a personalized, highly focused tool that’s aimed at raising your awareness of how you interact with others, increasing your mental clarity and sense of focus, and augmenting your ability to be resilient in your daily existence.

Some would prefer to make use of these worksheets using their computer. That’s easy to do: all you have to do is download them to your laptop, phone, or tablet. This way you can use them regardless of whether or not you have an internet connection. Of course, if you’d prefer to tackle them in print form using a pen or pencil, you can always print them out rather than downloading them.

Alternatively, if you like the pen and paper style but don’t have a printer, you can use your own journal to write down notes and reflections in response to the worksheet. Take your time to read through the worksheet you’ve chosen before completing the practices and follow-up questions

Additional Mindfulness Resources

If you are interested in other less than traditional ways to practice mindfulness, eBooks and free mindfulness courses are available to explore at your leisure. Many of these also include guided practices, but the benefit of having them offered in these formats is that you are provided with the opportunity to learn conceptually as well.

For those that are ready to make a long-term commitment, the 100 day mindfulness challenge is free to join and offers prompts in much the same way that these worksheets do. The main difference is that the mindfulness challenge will arrive in your inbox each day, so you will be continually reminded to practice. If you feel the call, you can dive into this challenge at any time.

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