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Free Mindfulness Worksheets

Free Mindfulness Worksheets

On this page, we’ve put together a collection of 320 unique mindfulness worksheets for your use. These worksheets can be used as a highly effective tool to increase your level of self-awareness, sharpen your clarity of mind and mental focus, and increase your level of overall resilience in your day to day life.

If you’d prefer to access these mindfulness worksheets digitally, you can download them to your computer, tablet, or mobile device and access them offline whenever it’s convenient for you. Or, if you’d like to use a good old fashioned pen and paper to complete them, you’re welcome to print them out and work with them as hard copies.

Practicing mindfulness

Putting mindfulness into practice in our daily lives is sometimes easier said than done. We’ll often read something interesting, listen to an audiobook, or watch an inspirational video online, and tell ourselves that we’ll incorporate what we’ve read, heard, or seen into our daily habits. Frequently, though, something gets lost in translation: we want to create new habits of mindfulness, but the hectic pace of our daily lives can make for a challenging stumbling block.

With mindfulness exercises and worksheets, you can focus your intention on putting mindfulness into practice each and every day. These worksheets can help you come to recognize the unconscious, unhealthy patterns that show up in our ways of being. By unraveling these patterns, you can begin to live with more awareness, clarity, and presence than ever before.

Creating newer, healthier habits

These mindfulness worksheets are intended for integration into your everyday life. They can be used daily if you like; or, you can use them two to four times per week as you periodically evaluate your progress. Once new habits begin to emerge and eventually mature, you’ll likely find yourself needing to check in with less frequency. Feel free to share these worksheets with family, friends, students, clients, co-workers, or anyone who you think might find them useful.

Access to Free Mindfulness Exercise Worksheets

Here at, you’ll find a plethora of mindfulness-related worksheets and exercises that can contribute to your pursuit of a mindful, conscious existence. We have compiled more than 300 individual mindfulness worksheets that you can make use of. Each one is designed to be utilized as a personalized, highly focused tool that’s aimed at raising your awareness of how you interact with others, increasing your mental clarity and sense of focus, and augmenting your ability to be resilient in your daily existence.

Some would prefer to make use of these worksheets using their computer. That’s easy to do: all you have to do is download them to your laptop, phone, or tablet, and you can use them regardless of whether or not you have an internet connection. Of course, if you’d prefer to tackle them in print form using a pen or pencil, you can always print them out rather than downloading them.

How to incorporate mindfulness into your life

It’s not always easy to make mindfulness a part of our day to day existence. It’s one thing to read a book or attend a lecture about mindful practices: that’s fairly easy to do. However, it’s an entirely different task to attempt to incorporate what we’ve learned into our daily lives. We may be trying to live our lives mindfully, but it’s hard to actually make that happen.

Thanks to the mindfulness exercises offered here, you can bridge this gap. You can put your attention and focus towards making mindfulness a part of your daily life. You can even escape unhealthy patterns that show up in your daily existence: these mindfulness exercises will help you to expose these patterns, and ultimately transcend them.

Create new habits and share

Use these exercises daily, weekly, or several times a week to create newer, better habits. You’re welcome to share these worksheets with friends, family, co-workers, and anyone else who might benefit from them.

320 free mindfulness worksheets are offered here to help you increase more self-awareness, clarity, and resilience in your daily life. Save them to your computer or print copies to work on with a good old fashioned pen or pencil. Mindfulness exercises and worksheets help to unravel and reveal unconscious patterns for us to see more clearly, showing us a way to live with more awareness and clarity. Feel free to share these mindfulness worksheets with family, students, clients or co-workers who you think may appreciate them. These mindfulness worksheets are designed to be integrated into daily life and to be used two to four times per week until new habits of awareness are matured.

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