Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance. What goodness do you sometimes forget or take for granted?

What is the foundation of all abundance? Contrary to any subconscious beliefs we may hold that it is what exists in the outer world that determines the presence of abundance, it is actually our perception of abundance that determines this. By harnessing gratitude for all that we presently have (both internally and externally) helps us to see that abundance is already with us.

Gratitude Practices for Abundance

We can begin to shift our perception of abundance by practicing gratitude. Gratitude practices can be as simple as giving thanks before each meal or making a list of all that we are grateful for. We can also practice nightly journaling about all the blessings that came our way throughout the course of the day. As we start to expand our awareness of the goodness that exists around and within us, we begin to attract more of it. Recognizing the good that exists in each moment helps to improve our experience of peace and contentment.

One-Minute Gratitude Meditation

Wherever we are, we can practice gratitude by closing our eyes for even just one minute and mentally noting all that we have to be thankful for. Note things both large and small, both inner and outer. The more you practice this, the more natural this mindset of appreciation and abundance will come. Create a daily routine for some form of mindful gratitude practice. Even one mindful minute a day is enough to inspire positive changes in the way we view the world around us.

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