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January 1, 2022

Can you tune into your heart with a sense of caring curiosity? What is present in your heart in this moment? Sean Fargo leads a guided meditation to enhance loving acceptance of whatever is present in the heart right now.

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So if you want to find a posture that feels relaxed and alert, kind of feeling into the seat, feeling your feet on the ground, sitting with some form of dignity or alertness and noticing whether you're leaning forward into the practice or kind of more laid back, seeing if we can have this nice balance of just noticing our physical experience without any agenda and without zoning out or checking out, either, opening to the body. (silence).

Sometimes it's helpful to close the eyes or to look downward just to limit visual distractions and soften the muscles of the face. (silence)

Notice how we're holding the shoulders, noticing how we're holding our hands, and noticing how we're holding our bellies. (silence)

Sensing into the area around the heart. (silence)

What kinds of sensations can we feel around the heart? Maybe there's lightness or heaviness. (silence) Maybe it feels numb, difficult to sense, or maybe it's very full. Perhaps there's some strong emotion present that we can feel. (silence)

And as we sense into the heart with this caring curiosity for how it feels, and we notice whether the heart feels pleasant or unpleasant... (silence)

Can we just listen to the heart and just curious about how it feels from moment to moment to moment? (silence)

Can we honor however the heart is feeling with a sense of allowance, perhaps some appreciation for how it wants to take care of us? (silence) 

Dropping into the heart and simply listening, just being with the heart. (silence)

Not trying to fix anything or make anything happen, sensing into the heart with care, a sense of friendliness, noticing how the sensations of the heart are changing over time. (silence)

Sensing into whether it feels dry or moist or gushing with liquid. Maybe the outside edges feel harder or softer than the inside. Maybe there's a sense of coolness or warmth or heat. (silence)

Maybe there's a sense of movement or stillness.

However the heart feels, can we just be with it without judging it to be good or bad, right or wrong? Just being with the heart with gentle awareness. (silence)

And if the heart could give voice to something that it could use more of, if the heart could ask you for something that it wants or needs, what might that be? (silence)

Some hearts could use forgiveness or space. (silence)

Or attention. What does your heart want? (silence)

May we offer our hearts a sense of gentle, caring, curiosity for the rest of the day. (silence)

Maybe taking a deep breath or two, breathing around the heart. Maybe wiggling your fingers and toes, feeling into the seat and your feet on the ground and slowly opening your eyes whenever you're ready.

Download this Audio Meditation for Free, Just Enter Your First Name and Email Address:

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