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Have you struggled to create a consistent mindfulness / meditation practice?
If so... our Free 100-Day Mindfulness Challenge IS PERFECT FOR YOU!

Do you have a consistent practice, but you’d like to freshen things up and add some variety?
Our Free 100-Day Mindfulness Challenge IS PERFECT FOR YOU!

Are you confused about how to be more mindful everyday?
If so... our Free 100-Day Mindfulness Challenge IS PERFECT FOR YOU!

Are you not sure what to actually do to improve your mindfulness?
Our Free 100-Day Mindfulness Challenge IS PERFECT FOR YOU!

Do you wish there were a program that showed you exactly what to do every single day for 100 days in a row, to improve your mindfulness and meditation practice, and actually turn it into a habit that became second nature for you?
If so... our Free 100-Day Mindfulness Challenge IS PERFECT FOR YOU!

Would you invest just 15 minutes a day if you knew it could dramatically increase the amount of peace, calm, energy, and happiness you feel, on a daily basis?
If so... our Free 100-Day Mindfulness Challenge IS PERFECT FOR YOU!

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Sean Fargo

More than 20,000 people have completed our

100-Day Mindfulness Challenge

(Here's what they say...)

“The 100-Day Mindfulness Challenge helped me to become more tolerant and understandingMuch more calm and patient. And I now keep a regular meditation schedule.”

— Cameron Coley

“I've done challenges like this before, but I've never stuck to them. This challenge has massively improved my mindfulness. It's helped me to become aware of my feelings and to make sure I'm meeting my own needs, for example, like enforcing my personal boundaries. I'm calmer and I'm less judgmental towards myself.”

— Jo Thomas

“During the challenge, I was more mindful of how I was feeling and how to change it. When I would feel anxiety coming on, I used my mindfulness tools to overcome it most of the time. When I didn't overcome it, I was at least able to lessen the impact. I feel definitely happier and am looking at the world from a much better place.”

— Judy Pelton

I am definitely calmer - when in the past news would make me feel overwhelmed and weepy now I am just in an observational state. Not depressed - just observing the world.”

— Maureen Tuttle

“I work with offenders in a men's prison in Indiana. The challenge has helped me to deal more effectively with stress in my own life.

— Shannon Gast

“I wanted to be more focused on mindfulness. I have anxiety and continually work to control it naturally. The challenge helped me to begin a habit of mindfulness, and the continued emails helped remind me to keep it up. I absolutely loved the meditationsI continue meditating regularly now.”

— Sheri Warren

“I am an artist and I found that my participation in the challenge helped my centering before starting the day. I did feel calmer and it did help with procrastination, my inner criticThere was a feeling of peacefulness and it reset my usual speed of ‘go fast’ to one of take time to just ‘be.’”

— Kathy Grundei

“The 100-day challenge improved my consistency and helped me embed my practice. My concentration improved and I became calmer over the 100 days.”

— Debbie Lucid

“It helped me to develop my ability to refocus my mind away from things that cause me frustration and upset, in other words to let go. It seemed to help me regulate my emotional state and regain a sense of calm.

— Cheryl L.

“I am on my 26th day of the 100-day Challenge and I am sleeping far better. I feel I have stopped being quite so hard on myself about doing things wrong. I certainly feel calmer and more centered and seem to be able to cope with the pain from the fall I had. Sean’s voice is perfect and as soon as he starts to speak, I feel I am in a safe place.”

— Janet Martin

“The challenge improved my mindfulness and I felt calmer and more centered. My stress and anxiety decreased and I noticed that I had more patience with family and day-to-day happenings overall. I experienced being more mindful during the rest of the day as well after meditation.”

— Maria Wilhelmson

“The 100-day challenge has helped me in my personal and professional life. Enhanced my working capacity. Experience of real life. Overcome anxietyReduce stress level.”

— Satish Bhuingade

“The challenge helped me to improve my mindfulness and reduce my inner critic and worrying mind, allowing me to be happier and in harmony.”

— Rebecca Gutierrez

“The 100-day challenge helped me be better grounded and makes me feel more purposeful.”

— Larry Broadwell

“The challenge helped make my workday ‘internally calmer.’”

— Linda Clemens

“I am learning how to disengage with thoughts that I cling to and are obsessive. I am realizing I am not my thoughts. I am gaining more skill in being able to bring myself into the present moment and enjoy the miraculous beauty that is here right now. I am also more able to find things to be grateful for in the here and now. I have been more consistent with this process than I usually am with other programs.”

— Mary Lou Hill

“The 100-Day Mindfulness Challenge has been wonderful for me. It has helped me with feelings of self compassionfeelings of appreciation for my personal relationship and I am more inclined to see the good in the world. I try to remember to live moment to moment.”

— Rhonda Light

“The challenge has helped me become a lot calmer in life especially in challenging situations.”

— Gerard Lewis

“I have been using the Challenge for 33 days so far. I believe that I am developing a "habit" of practicingIt brings me a lovely calm, and I've learned that this is a place I can tap into for moments throughout my day.”

— Lizbeth Englund

“Helped increase my mindfulness and switch off for a short while, made me feel less stress and overwhelmed.”

— Clare Marie Nicholas



More than 20,000 people have taken our

FREE 100-Day Mindfulness Challenge

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What can our FREE

100-Day Mindfulness Challenge do for you?

Below are just a few of the positive effects of improving your mindfulness...

More than 20,000 people have already taken our Free 100-Day Mindfulness Challenge, and many of them have told us they’ve personally experienced many of these benefits:

  • Reduced stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Improved emotional regulation and balance
  • Improved memory and enhanced cognition
  • Reduced perception of pain
  • Reduced heart-related diseases
  • Reduction of headaches and migraines
  • Decreased inflammation
  • Improved sleep and reduced insomnia
  • Greater harmony in social interactions and relationships
  • Heightened capacity for compassion and empathy
  • Greater sense of confidence and lowered self-criticism
  • Increased physical and emotional resiliency
  • Greater sense of connection to others and to the world around

Why do most people find it so hard to create a

consistent mindfulness/ meditation practice?

There are a few reasons.

Lots of people try to do too much, all at once.

A consistent mindfulness / meditation practice is really just a habit... and habits are much easier to build when you do a little bit, each dayThat’s why we designed our Free 100-Day Mindfulness Challenge — to give you a small, easy mindfulness exercise to do every single day for 100 days. Since each exercise is so easy and so quick, you’ll find that it’s not only not difficult to do it each day, but you’ll actually start looking forward to it every day.

Most people don’t know WHAT TO DO every day to establish a mindfulness practice.

They don’t know what exercises, or meditations, or worksheets to use, or do, so this makes it lot harder and a lot more time-consuming to do every day. But, what if you had a program that was carefully and intentionally designed, by a former monk and other credentialed mindfulness professionals, and that gave you all the materials you need, and the schedule to follow, so you’d never have to worry about finding materials, worrying about whether they’re the right materials, worrying about when to do things, or what order in which to do them? That’s exactly what our Free 100-Day Mindfulness Challenge gives you!

How does it work? What happens after I join the Free 100-Day Mindfulness Challenge?

By signing up for this personal challenge, you’ll receive daily emails to support and guide your growing practice. Each day for 100 days you’ll receive:

  • A mindfulness audio meditation
  • A free mindfulness worksheet
  • Journaling prompts for reflection
  • A detailed mindfulness infographic

You’ll also receive a couple of bonuses gifts when you sign-up, resources that will help to strengthen and solidify your mindfulness practice.

How 100-Day Mindfulness Challenge Work

The 100 Day Mindfulness Challenge covers practices and topics including (but certainly not limited to):

  • Mindfulness of breathing
  • Mindful walking
  • Gratitude practices
  • Body scan
  • Concentration
  • Open awareness
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Forgiveness
  • Self-compassion
  • Loving kindness
  • Mindful movement
  • Emotional exploration and regulation
  • Mindfulness of death

Over the 100 days, the topics and techniques covered will help you to gain a broader perspective of what mindfulness really is and all the different forms it can take. In contrast to popular assumptions, mindfulness is not solely about meditation

Mindfulness can be incorporated into everything we do, from breathing, to eating, to moving, to relating to others. In that way, mindfulness really has no particular form, though various different techniques can help guide us towards what the practice is all about.



You can start our FREE

100-Day Mindfulness Challenge RIGHT NOW

Just enter your email address below and click the button...

*Join now, while this is still available for FREE!

One of our participants in the

100-Day Mindfulness Challenge

wrote us this nice letter...

"Sean Fargo has created a FREE course, 100-Day Mindfulness Challenge, to teach and guide you through a variety of daily exercises that will introduce you to the world of Mindfulness. I like the ease and effortlessness of the daily step by step practice plan. The meditations, commentary, study sheets for reflection, and infographics all contributed to illuminating sessions that brought me joy and happiness each day!

Every day I committed my time and effort to a new practice and was rewarded with transformative results. I have taught several of the mindfulness exercises to my coaching clients and yoga students to include in their own wellness plan. They all report positive results that continue to be maintained.

The results from this Challenge program for me were:

  • An increase of mindful alertness and conscious awareness to maintain balanced emotional health in my daily life.
  • Using comfortable mindfulness practices on a daily basis that were easy and convenient to schedule daily while working at home.
  • Increased calmness, clarity, compassion, equanimity.
  • Heart opening experiences of oneness and unity consciousness.
  • Stable presence of groundedness and assurance.

Being new to Mindfulness practices, I was in awe of the cumulative effects of my inner/outer transformations. The inner expansion felt like a comforting, glowing light of clarity, compassion, and knowingness. The outer expansion was an experience of a blanket of safety and protection. I now have a library of practices to sustain my balance and harmony on a daily basis during this time of enormous change.

I highly recommend subscribing to the 100-Day Mindfulness Challenge. It will easily and comfortably show you how these daily practices can elevate your life. You will want to go back to them again and again! Mindfulness is a part of my personal and professional life.

I truly am grateful for my teacher, Sean Fargo, who has generously provided hours of Mindfulness practices that have become part of my everyday life! I see and experience the world on a different level because of these practices. My inner world is more balanced, calm and joyful as I go through the ups and downs of life during all the pandemic chaos.

— Monica D. Traystman, Ph.D.