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January 1, 2022

By opening to gladness, we ease the nervous system and help ourselves to settle into meditation. This guided practice led by Sean Fargo begins with the cultivation of gladness, followed by space and silence to simply be.

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Finding a posture that feels relaxed and alert, it can be standing, seated or lying down. You can close your eyes gently or look downward, just to limit visual distress.

And sometimes it's nice to take a couple of deep breaths. Relaxing the belly, dropping the shoulders, softening the hands, and the muscles of the face. And as we breathe in and out.

And I invite you to reflect on a person who has been very meaningful for you in your life. Someone who has supported you or inspired you, been an example for you, whether you know them personally or not, someone who makes your heart sing.

Someone you're grateful for in some way. You think of them and you feel this sense of warmth and gladness. Reflecting on their goodness, their qualities of mind and heart, and how they've enriched your life in some way.

And opening to this sense of gladness.

Perhaps feeling a sense of peace and warmth, as you reflect on the goodness of this person.

Noticing any changes in the body, the physical sensations we feel as we open to this gladness.

And perhaps there's more of a sense of calm, contentment, connection. And in this space of gentle awareness, can we notice ourselves breathing, in and out?

It can be helpful to notice the rise and fall of the belly. And maybe we feel it in the nostrils, the air moving in and out. Can we settle in one location in the body to notice this inhale and this exhale?

This breath, these sensations of the belly or the nostrils, rising and falling like waves of the ocean.

May we be safe, may we be healthy. May we be happy, may we live with ease. And checking back in with the body, taking a couple of big breaths, noticing your feet on the ground, or your butt on the chair seat. Maybe wiggling your fingers or toes, and slowly opening your eyes whenever you're ready.

Download this Audio Meditation for Free, Just Enter Your First Name and Email Address:

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