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February 18, 2017

Reduce your agitations when catching sleep. Arouse your thoughts of thankfulness. Bring happiness to your life by the power of gratitude for sleep.

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Sean Fargo leads this mindfulness practice of gratitude to help improve the quality of our sleep. Often times, when we struggle to fall or to stay asleep, the primary cause is a racing mind. When the mind is overwhelmed by fear, frustration, stress, or any other challenging feeling or emotion, the relaxation required for sleep is usually the last thing we arrive at.

How Gratitude Benefits Sleep

As we practice gratitude, we naturally move the mind from a state of fear and lack to an awareness of the abundance and blessings that exist in this very moment. This shift in awareness helps to soothe the mind, which initiates the body’s relaxation response. As the heart slows and our ‘fight or flight’ system comes to rest, we find ourselves naturally moving closer towards a state of being (in both mind and body) that is conducive of deep rest and eventual sleep.

Mindfulness Exercises for Sleep

From gratitude practices to body scans, there are countless mindfulness meditations for sleep. Gaining a holistic understanding of our personal sleep challenges can also help as there are other factors that play into why we may struggle to get the rest we need. Learn more about the factors that contribute to a healthy slumber in our comprehensive guide to mindfulness and sleep.

Download this Audio Meditation for Free, Just Enter Your First Name and Email Address:

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