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January 1, 2022

Each and every breath sustains us, and any breath that we take could be our last. Sean Fargo gently leads us into a mindfulness of death practice centered around this awareness.

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Just coming home to our bodies, coming home to ourselves. Just noticing sensations of the body, just noticing any predominant sensations around the head, chest, belly, legs.

Sensing into the different temperatures of the body and sensing how the flesh and skin and the bones feel in different parts of the body.

Just noticing this gentle curiosity, maybe sensing into the blood, liquid, pumping around the body with each heartbeat, the fluid around the mouth and the nose, eyes, sensing into the breath, air moving into your mouth, your nose, neck, lungs, oxygenating ourselves, sensing into space inside the body. 

To whatever extent you can, sensing into the space, the atoms of our body, sense of spaciousness, emptiness, sensing into the resilience of this body, continuing to work for us, to naturally heal itself, especially when we bring this gentle awareness to it.

May we listen to the wisdom of the body more and more. May we honor the emotions that arise in the body, and may we appreciate this breath, which sustains this body. This very breath, not taking this breath for granted. This breath could be the last, So may we be present for every millisecond of this experience right now, uncertain that we've and have two more breathes, making this one count.

This very inhale could be the last. Thank you for this breath, this beautiful breath. May we meet each breath with care. May we meet our body with care. May we meet what's difficult with care. May we meet our whole life with care, this caring embodied presence.

And taking a deep breath or two, feeling the weight of the body on the seat and on the ground, maybe wiggling your fingers or toes and slowly opening your eyes whenever you're ready.

Download this Audio Meditation for Free, Just Enter Your First Name and Email Address:

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