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January 1, 2022

Sean Fargo leads this guided mindfulness meditation to enhance present moment awareness. This is a standard mindfulness of breathing practice.

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So just invite us to maybe take a couple of deep breaths, just noticing how the belly feels as we breathe, whether it's tight or relaxed, and just seeing if we can allow the belly to soften just a little bit and allow our breath to just become a little bit more relaxed, a little bit more full. 

Sometimes it's helpful to close the eyes or to look downward just to limit visual distractions, if that feels safe for you right now. Just gently closing the eyes or softening the muscles around the eyes just a little bit, and seeing if we can notice the sensations of our feet flat on the ground, feeling the connection of the bottoms of the feet on whatever they're touching, opening to the pressure of the body on the ground. 

Sometimes it's helpful to wiggle the toes or swivel the ankles, flex the calves, sense into the bottom half of the body, the grounding our energy, feeling the weight of our body on the chair or whatever we're sitting on, feeling that downward pull of gravity, noticing what's going on around the belly as we breathe, opening to any sensations of heaviness or lightness, movement, Fullness, or emptiness, temperature.

Noticing the rhythm of the expansion and contraction of the belly as we breathe, the length of the inhale, the length of the exhale and the pause in between the exhale and the inhale. Noticing whether the inhale is shorter or longer than the exhale, just sensing into the rhythm as we breathe naturally.

There's nothing to do. There's no one to be, just resting with the awareness of simply breathing, breath by breath. Feeling the belly as we breathe in, feeling the belly as we breathe out, feeling the belly in between each breath, surrendering to the simplicity of this moment. 

If there's a strong emotion or recurring thought that's distracting, it's totally fine, it's so normal. We can tend to that emotion or tend to that thought with nonjudgmental awareness, open to it and sense into it, befriend it and allow it to be here. Then after a while we can gently come back to the sensations of breathing, just gentle curiosity of what it feels like to be breathing in this moment. 

May we be safe. May we be healthy. May we be happy. May we breathe with ease. Now, maybe taking one or two more deep breaths. Sometimes it's helpful to breathe in the nose and out the mouth. Maybe wiggle your body a little bit, feel your feet flat on the ground and then slowly opening your whenever you're ready.

Download this Audio Meditation for Free, Just Enter Your First Name and Email Address:

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