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January 1, 2022

Sean Fargo leads a guided meditation to enhance our awareness of the expanding dimension of time. Can we explore each moment as something brand new? Can we take in each moment with a sense of awe and wonder?

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Take a deep breath or two. Softening the belly a little bit as we breathe. I'm just kind of noticing how we're breathing, the quality of our breath. So we can close our eyes gently or look downward to limit visual distractions, or we can keep them open. Noticing the bottoms of our feet on the ground, what that feels like, connection. The weight of our body on the seat.

And just taking a quick survey of the body to notice if there's any point of physical tension anywhere. Maybe you notice some tightness somewhere in the body, maybe a little bit of heaviness. Just kind of opening to how that feels in the body, wherever that is. Just allowing that heaviness or tension to be there. It's bringing a sense of kindness to it. A sense of allowance. Recognition for however that feels.

Remembering to breathe. Just taking stock of how different parts of the body feel. Just noticing, not judging anything to be good or bad, right or wrong. Just noticing with gentle curiosity. Remembering to breathe in and out.

Ever since the big bang, our universe keeps expanding in size. So too is the dimension of time expanding. Each moment is brand new. Each second of the day, we're expanding into time that has never been experienced before.

Can we ride the wave of this expanding dimension of time, exploring each moment as something brand new? Our sense is open, taking in each moment with the sense of awe and wonder. Opening to the fullness that each moment is bringing.

As we expand into the outward reaches of the unknown, moment by moment, being present for this unfolding of every moment as our universe keeps expanding outward, moment to moment to moment to moment. So too are we riding this wave of expansion of time. Each moment, brand new, unfolding before our senses.

May we stay present for this adventure and to each unfolding moment, opening to the newness, the freshness of each new second. Riding this wave of expansion of the dimension of time. Now maybe checking in with the body, maybe softening any areas of tension.

Perhaps waking up any areas of numbness, breathing into the body, breathing out a sense of compassion, maybe wiggling your fingers or toes, and slowly opening your eyes whenever you're ready.

Download this Audio Meditation for Free, Just Enter Your First Name and Email Address:

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