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January 1, 2022

For many, happiness is a difficult emotion to fully embrace. Sean Fargo leads a guided meditation on recalling happiness and soaking in that experience of it, paying mindful attention to the thoughts and physical sensations that are present alongside it.

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Find a posture that feels relaxed and alert, maybe taking a deep breath or two, as we relax the belly, sensing the body in the seated position, as it's settled on the seat, supported by the earth, sensing into any predominant sensations anywhere in the body, allowing the body to feel whatever it happens to be feeling, just with more and more awareness of it, with no agenda, simply sensing, breathing in and out. 

Now, shifting our awareness to a moment in our life in which we felt genuine happiness. Maybe there was a moment of connection with someone. Maybe there was a moment during a meditation which you felt very happy.

Maybe there was a wholesome accomplishment that you made, or a time of peace in nature. Something that made you happy, or where you can sense into that happiness in that moment, remembering where you were, maybe what that day was like, or what that moment in your life was like at the time.

What about that experience made you happy? What kinds of thoughts did you have when you experienced that happiness? What was that experience like when you experienced that happiness? What happened in the body or the heart when soaking in this experience of happiness? 

Allowing this happiness to be here throughout our experience, allowing it to radiate throughout our body, this genuine sense of happiness should be recalling the memory some more to help feed the sense of happiness, if we want to enrich this experience of how happiness feels in our mind.

Pervading happiness is like this, allowing ourselves fuller and fuller experiences of happiness.

Can we give ourselves permission to reside in happiness a little bit more as the heart softens, expands, and fills our experience with a sense of care and delight, wishing ourselves happiness, just as we would wish a dear friend or a loved one these experiences of genuine happiness, abiding in this feeling more and more for ourselves and for the wellbeing of all beings everywhere?

And slowly opening your eyes whenever you're ready.

Download this Audio Meditation for Free, Just Enter Your First Name and Email Address:

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