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January 1, 2022

Is there a part of your body that is asking for your awareness? Can you tend to that part of the body with care and curiosity? Sean Fargo leads a gentle guided meditation to help increase our capacity to tend safely and compassionately to our physical body.

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Finding a posture that feels relaxed and alert. You can lay down if you think you can stay awake. You can sit on a cushion or a chair or a couch or you can stand. And sensing into the body.

Sometimes it's helpful to move the body a little bit or tap the body with your hands just to regain connection with everything below the neck. You can close your eyes gently or look downwards to omit visual distractions.

Softening the muscles of the face. Maybe taking a deep breath or two. Sensing into where the body is touching the ground or the seat. Sensing that pressure in the connection points of the body under whatever it's touching.

And bringing this sense of alertness to the body and a sense of interest in how it's feeling. Opening this embodied presence and opening to the fullness of the body. And not trying to feel a certain way, and simply being with how the body feels now and now.

And is there a part of the body that is asking for your awareness? Maybe there's certain sensations that feel predominant or inviting, and if it feels safe to do so, sensing into that area of the body.

Maybe it's the belly as you breathe. Maybe it's the feet, if they feel safe or grounded. Maybe it's the heart or the chest or the hands. Sensing into an area that feels like it could use some attention in a safe, gentle way, and exploring these sensations, not necessarily from the head, but exploring them from the body. Opening all around this area of the body and really sensing the territory of these sensations.

Maybe sensing the skin, the flesh. And maybe there's bone or bones around there and liquid. And maybe there's a sense of movements or stillness and heaviness or lightness, warmth or coolness. And bringing this caring curiosity to the part of the body that feels like it could use this attention.

And notice how those sensations may be changing over time. And are they feeling heavier or lighter? Maybe the temperature is different, and maybe the energy is shifting left or right, up or down, forward or back. And maybe it feels more dense or hollow. And maybe it feels more moist or dry.

And maybe these sensations feel more pleasant or unpleasant or neutral. And just noticing how this area feels without judging it to be good or bad, simply noticing these sensations and as they change with this gentle awareness, and let's open, allow it.

Bringing a sense of care for the body and inviting a sense of softness, just gentle care from the heart. And inviting a sense of ease into the body, and if it feels comfortable, you can put your hand over your heart or over your belly or wherever your body could use some gentle touch. It's okay.

May we be safe. May we be healthy. May we be happy. May we live with ease. May we be able to open to our bodies, our sensations more and more with less judgment or fear or agenda. Just gentle awareness of how we feel.

Re-grounding in the body, sensing into the points of contact or our body on the ground or the seat. Maybe taking a deep breath or two. Softening the belly, maybe wriggling your fingers or toes and slowly opening your eyes whenever you're ready.

Download this Audio Meditation for Free, Just Enter Your First Name and Email Address:

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