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Our lives are busier than ever. Whether we’re commuting to and from work each day, navigating a particular work project, communicating via social media, responding to an email, or trying to carve out time for our family and social life, we find ourselves under constant pressure to be continually on the go. Within this modern way of living, we find ourselves overstimulated, overworked, and overstressed. We end up chronically tired, mentally, emotionally, and physically, as we struggle to keep our sense of balance. Without question, human beings have never been more in need of the rest and relaxation that mindfulness practice can provide.

Anxiety, stress, and depression are just a handful of the very human challenges that seem to be on the rise in these modern times. It seems that the more disconnected we become, the more these experiences seem to increase. Through mindfulness and meditation, we are able to naturally balance out both body and mind as we begin to live in greater harmony with the world around and within us. Emotions balance out and a greater sense of inner peace and stillness becomes the new normal.

Though perhaps seemingly daunting to engage in at first, the effort and focus it appears to take to embody mindful living begins to subside as we start to practice. As we begin to familiarize ourselves with mindfulness techniques, we find that over time, mindfulness naturally begins to fall into alignment with daily life. It takes practice at first, but over time, the effort required begins to naturally recede.

What does mindfulness entail and how do I begin practicing?

All that mindfulness asks of us is that we begin to become more present with whatever is moving through us – emotions, anxiety, pain, stress, unease, and racing thoughts can all be integrated into a mindful life.

If we adopt an outlook that embraces the idea of taking our mindfulness efforts moment to moment, we move closer towards that sense of inner peace that we are after and decrease the pressure of having to “figure it all out once and for all.” By adopting a “breath by breath” attitude, we relax into a life of increased harmony and greater stillness – inside and out. We begin to accept and deeply understand things that were once challenging for us and we start to find that healing, peace, and clarity unfold quite naturally. This is the power of presence.

Of course, bringing mindfulness into your daily life takes more than recognition of your desire for it. It’s certainly possible to read an online article or two – maybe even a book – and feel like you have a sense of what mindfulness is all about; however, that general appreciation for the topic is a far cry from the embodiment of it in your day to day life. If you’re looking to slow down your life and decrease stress, to achieve a greater sense of inner peace, tranquility, and relaxation, and to increase your clarity and focus in your daily life, guided mindfulness talks and meditations can help to direct, inspire, and guide your practice.

Where can I find free guided meditations, techniques, and mindfulness talks?

This is where our free guided meditations and mindfulness talks and techniques come in to play. With the help of these free resources, you can begin to integrate mindful awareness into your daily life in a natural, effortless way – exactly as things should be. We’ve compiled hundreds and hundreds of guided meditations, lectures, audiobook samples, interviews, podcasts, and more. All of these are available to you instantly and they are absolutely free.

Within these resources, you’ll find a wide range of insights, teachings, breathing techniques, and other meditations to help guide you towards a more mindful way of living. With talks and topics ranging from building joy to decreasing stress to forgiving ourselves and others, the free guided meditations and mindfulness talks and practices offered here at Mindfulness Exercises cover numerous bases to help you adopt and embody a new way of being.

How do guided meditations work?

Guided meditations work by accessing the subconscious mind and the belief systems that are stored there. By directing your focus and attention to the breath, the body, and your innermost sensations, you are guided to relate to your being in an entirely new way – in a way, most of us have not been taught. Guided meditations are a powerful way to explore new modes of being and thinking and offer us tools that we can come back to again and again to help promote a more peaceful state of being. By promoting a deep sense of relaxation, guided meditations open us up quietly and compassionately to new experiences, new thought patterns, and new beliefs that have the power to change our lives.

What talks are best for beginners?

One way to find out where to begin is to simply observe which talks or meditations you are naturally drawn to. There is no definitive right or wrong place to start; simply consider what is moving through you at present and allow your intuition to take the lead.

If the choice doesn’t appear clear, or if there are too many meditations that seem to be calling your name, you might consider starting with a very short and welcoming 2 minutes of mindful breathing. Others ones to consider include Learning to Listen Deeply, Connecting with the Earth, and Loving Kindness. But remember: there is no wrong choice when it comes to this as each meditation offers some nugget of wisdom. Start with one and see what this opens up for you. From there, allow your inner voice to guide you to the next.

Ready to explore these free guided meditations and mindfulness talks?

With the use of these guided meditations and mindfulness talks, you’ll gain new insights into how to implement mindfulness practices into your daily routine. Whether you’re looking to increase your focus at work, improve your sleep, relate in a new way to your emotions, manage anxiety, grief or depression, or be more present for time with family, these audio snippets can help. The ways they can touch your life are endless. Feel free to browse our entire collection. If something you find is particularly helpful for you or offers an insight that you’d like to pass along to others, feel free to share it with friends, family, or co-workers.

Sit back and listen to the best and brightest mindfulness experts as they share their personal stories, insights, and trials and tribulations of practicing mindfulness. You can stream these free guided meditations and mindfulness talks online or download them to listen to later. Listen to your favorites time and time again and come back to find new, inspiring pieces of wisdom that fuel your ability to live deeply immersed in the beauty of this present moment.

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