Gratitude Is Not In The Words

February 9, 2017 Sean Fargo min read

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Gratitude is not in the words but in the heart, which expresses it. What meaning do you draw from these words? How does the heart express gratitude?

In this gentle and contemplative guided meditation on gratitude and the heart, Sean Fargo invites us to consider a quote by Lufina Lorderaasch: “Gratitude is not in the words but in the heart, which expresses is.” As we sit with these words, we are called to consider what gratitude means on a deeper level. Is it more than the words we offer? Where in the body does it reside? The answer may seem clear, but tune into how this resonates with the body.

Meditation on Gratitude

There is no right or wrong way to meditate on this topic or on the quote shared here. All we are called to do during this guided meditation on gratitude is to explore the inner world mindfully as the questions are posed to us. Before beginning this meditation, you might take a few moments to bring yourself to a comfortable seated position and tune into your breath.

Allow it to flow into and out of the heart space and then begin your deeper exploration on the words and questions shared in this meditation.

Deepening Heart Awareness

This mindfulness exercise requires us to dive deep into the heart’s knowing. For some, this task may feel abstract or distant, in which case I invite you to explore some beginner meditations to heighten your awareness of the subtler knowings within you. 

If this meditation flows effortlessly through you already, feel free to continue your exploration with additional loving kindness and compassion exercises.

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