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June 25, 2016
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Self-Compassion Mindfulness Exercise

Regardless of our background, lived experience, goals and ambitions, or lot in life, many of us in the modern world suffer from a significant lack of self-compassion. We tend to be incredibly hard on ourselves, and frequently revert to self-judgment in the face of difficult circumstances. We question ourselves constantly, and hold ourselves to impossible standards. These behaviors are often destructive, and can be detrimental to our pursuit of a more mindful, spiritually enriched life. This mindfulness exercise for self-compassion will help you learn to practice self-compassion throughout your daily life.

The Importance of Self-Compassion

Many of us are health conscious, and we’ll spend countless hours each week attempting to improve our health. Whether it’s shopping for the right foods, cooking healthy meals, ensuring that we’re getting adequate exercise, or making an effort to get enough sleep, we engage in specific behaviors on a regular basis that are designed to promote our health and well-being.

Believe it or not, practicing self-compassion is one of the best ways to improve your health, mood, sense of confidence, and ability to bounce back from traumatic events. Neglecting self-compassion is a mistake that many of us make; but, without self-love, we won’t be able to realize our full potential as human beings.

Self Compassion Pause

This mindfulness exercise will teach you pause throughout your day, taking moments here and there to practice self-compassion. When you’re experiencing a particularly challenging, stressful, or just plain difficult scenario, you’ll be asked to stop and breath. We often work actively to treat others with compassion, but how often do we do it for ourselves? This mindfulness exercise on self-compassion will help you treat yourself the way that you do others who are in need. You’ll learn to love yourself and provide support for yourself when you need it, and hold yourself to a more reasonable, less stressful standard from day to day.

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Ann Vrlak is a Certified Meditation Teacher for adults and children (the best job ever) and a meditation practitioner for over 25 years. She is also a freelance writer specializing in meditation and mindfulness, with a special love for creating guided scripts to share the practical and profound experience of meditation.