From Sean Fargo and marketing expert Simona Ondrejkova

The Mindful Marketing Program

Increase your impact and income with these practical tools and templates for helping more people.

, Mindful Marketing Program

Scaling your wellness offerings isn't easy.

You need proven strategies, tools & templates to make the biggest impact.

If you're ready to maximize your influence and income, this program will help you:

  • Get more sign-ups for your wellness offerings
  • Fill your offerings faster and with more ease
  • Grow a thriving and profitable wellness business
  • Reach more people and have a bigger impact in the world 

All while marketing your work from a place of love, authenticity, and compassion.

"Dear friends,

I know how discouraging it can feel when you just want to help others and grow your business at the same time.

There's a lot of barriers.

Dissolving imposter syndrome. Finding your niche. Crafting your offers. Figuring out pricing. Building your website. Scaling social media. Using tools like ChatGPT. Writing authentic newsletters. Building your email list.

Marketing might feel like a dirty word in the world of mindfulness… but I want you to consider that you can actually be the change agent here.

"When done mindfully, marketing can become one of the greatest tools to help you have a positive impact on the world."

With proven marketing tools, Mindfulness Exercises has reached over 20 million people.

I want to give you everything we've used to scale our impact and income.

It's important for me to provide you with the tools to be a great mindfulness teacher AND ALSO help you actually REACH MORE PEOPLE and SCALE YOUR BUSINESS.

In this Mindful Marketing Program, Simona and I help you learn and implement a mindful approach to reaching more people to maximize your impact and income.

We go beyond sharing marketing methods that get people to sign up for your services from a place of ease and love, not fear. We help you work through the natural resistance that may come up around business, marketing, and sales so it doesn’t stop you from promoting your work and touching more lives.

I can’t wait to see how this program supports your impact on the world!

Thank you for reaching more people from a place of true care,"

, Mindful Marketing Program
, Mindful Marketing Program

Jack Kornfield

Bestselling Author and Founder of Spirit Rock Meditation Center

, Mindful Marketing Program

Sean is a wonderful teacher, well practiced in the teachings of mindfulness and compassion, dedicated and thoughtful.

, Mindful Marketing Program

Dr. Gabor Maté

M.D., Author, The Myth of Normal: Trauma, Illness and Healing in a Toxic Culture

, Mindful Marketing Program

Having collaborated with Sean Fargo, I can attest that he is a visionary who brings scope, insight and compassion to his teaching and support of others on the path of meditation. Along with many, I, too, have personally witnessed his unstinting kindness.

Go from hearing crickets to being booked-out months in advance.

Imagine waking up to new interest for your offerings while having more free time on your calendar.

All because you’ve learned a simple way to promote and market your offerings.

This self-paced online program will help you:

  • Build trust with an audience that loves to hear from you
  • Turn followers and subscribers into clients and students
  • Establish yourself as an expert in your mindfulness niche
  • Earn a great living doing fulfilling and impactful work

You've put in time and energy to become a great mindfulness or meditation teacher… now it’s time to make your services known to the world so you can help more people!

, Mindful Marketing Program

Do you cringe at the thought of marketing?

There are people out there who only use marketing to make money for themselves. They overpromise, underdeliver, and use sleazy tactics that make your skin crawl…without considering the impacts of their actions on others.

But you’re not one of those people.

You are a kind, loving, compassionate being who has good intentions and genuinely wants to make a difference in this world.

So when you gain an understanding of the power of marketing and compassion-based service, we know you’ll use it for good.

Old Marketing vs Mindful Marketing

Old marketing is about:

  • Pushing people to do something they don’t want to do
  • Hype or false promises
  • Using sleazy or unethical tactics

Mindful marketing IS about:

  • Providing true value that helps people first
  • Building trust and connection
  • Educating and inspiring people

When you promote your work mindfully, you become part of the conscious business movement.

You demonstrate that it IS possible to do business and marketing with love, compassion, and authenticity.

This is your chance to be the change you wish to see in the world…


The Mindful Marketing Program

, Mindful Marketing Program

The best strategies, tools and templates to promote your offerings, fill your classes, and amplify your influence.

This self-paced program will help you:

  • Attract more ideal students and clients to your online (or in-person) programs.
  • Have clear direction and focus in your wellness offerings and work.
  • Clearly communicate your unique value and message to connect with your audience.
  • Have a reliable marketing system to consistently bring new people to your work.
  • Feel confident promoting your mindfulness work in the world.

Whether you’re teaching mindfulness to individuals, groups, organizations, workplaces, or all of the above, you can apply these simple principles to become more successful.

What you get:

  • 8 video modules guiding you step-by-step through the most essential concepts of effective marketing to help you reach more people.
  • 20+ workbook exercises to apply everything you’re learning to your mindfulness offerings or any other heart-centered business you want to grow.
  • Templates and tools to save you countless hours of brainstorming, mapping out, and creating content that you can use to grow your audience.
  • Ongoing support through live trainings, workshops, and Q&A calls and a warm-hearted community of other mindful marketers.

Here’s what you can look forward to achieving:

, Mindful Marketing Program

Module 1: Define your Mission, Goals, & Mindset

Define your mission, set clear goals, and overcome any mental or emotional resistance to marketing that could get in the way of you impacting more people.

You’ll learn how to mindfully use the most important and basic marketing tool that every marketer uses to increase sign-ups and sales.

, Mindful Marketing Program

Module 2: Plan Your Client Attraction Strategy

Identify the best niche to help you stand out as a mindfulness teacher, wellness coach, mental health provider, or any other heart-centered service provider.

Learn several outreach strategies you can use to attract more people to your offerings so you can leverage the ones that most resonate with your unique presence.

, Mindful Marketing Program

Module 3: Grow Your Reach with Social Media

Social media doesn’t have to be icky, intimidating, or overwhelming.

You’ll select the right social media platform for your audience and create a simple system for showing up authentically without spending so much time online.

, Mindful Marketing Program

Module 4: Establish a Strong Online Foundation With Your Website

Whether you already have a website or are just getting started, you’ll create or optimize your website to boost sign-ups while reflecting your unique values.

From crafting compelling copy to optimizing for search engines, you'll gain the skills to attract visitors and turn them into clients.

, Mindful Marketing Program

Module 5: Create and Share Content that Builds Trust

Take the guesswork and complexity out of sharing content that engages your audience - whether it’s blogs, emails, or social media posts.

You’ll learn a shortcut to creating content that addresses the needs and interests of your community so they can’t wait to work with you.

, Mindful Marketing Program

Module 6: Cultivate Mindful Relationships through Email

Get even more sign-ups and registrations for your offerings through emails that educate and inspire.

You’ll learn the best practices for building a strong email list and delivering heartfelt messages that get your subscribers to sign up for your classes… without cluttering people’s inboxes.

, Mindful Marketing Program

Module 7: Simplify Marketing & Save Time with ChatGPT

If you’ve been curious about using ChatGPT without sacrificing your humanity, this module could be a game-changer for your work.

You’ll learn a mindful approach to using AI tools to boost productivity, generate ideas, streamline workflows, and connect with your audience while saving you time.

, Mindful Marketing Program

Module 8: Marketing as an Ongoing Practice

Marketing, like mindfulness, is not a one-time effort, but an ongoing practice that evolves with your business and audience.

You'll position yourself for long-term success and sustainability by learning strategies to measure your progress, gather helpful feedback and testimonials, and adjust your approach as needed.

Live Monthly Q&A calls

Get your marketing questions answered every third Thursday at 9am PST at our live Q&A so you’ll never be stuck wondering whether you’re doing things right.

Become part of the Mindful Marketing community to get support from Simona and your peers as you promote your work in the world.

Mindfulness Exercises is happy to cover your cost for access to Live Q&A calls with Simona - for a limited time.

Sign up now and get the monthly calls for free so you won't have to pay any monthly subscriptions to gain access.

, Mindful Marketing Program

Free Bonuses to Get More Clients Faster!

When you enroll in the Mindful Marketing program, you’ll also get immediate access to the following bonuses worth over $500 in value alone!

Content creation calendar

Have a simple and streamlined process that’ll save you time in creating content that aligns with your marketing strategy.

, Mindful Marketing Program

Mindfulness newsletter topics

No more getting stuck about what to write about in your next email or newsletters. Get 52+ topic ideas to provide value and keep your subscribers engaged.

, Mindful Marketing Program

Email template to acquire workplace & organizational clients

Want to teach mindfulness in more workplaces and organizations? Simply customize this email message to start connecting with potential clients who could use mindfulness teachings in the workplace.

, Mindful Marketing Program

Done-for-you welcome email sequence template

Cultivate a deeper and more personal relationship with new subscribers by customizing these done-for-you emails to welcome subscribers warmly and effectively.

, Mindful Marketing Program

LinkedIn training and LinkedIn bio template

This training will show you step-by-step how to set up an effective LinkedIn profile and use LinkedIn’s features to get more sign-ups for your offerings.

, Mindful Marketing Program

ChatGPT prompts to simplify your marketing

Use these prompts to get started with ChatGPT right away so you can improve productivity and save hours of time on your marketing efforts.

, Mindful Marketing Program
, Mindful Marketing Program

Increase your impact and income helping others!

Choose your payment option & get started filling your offerings with your ideal clients and students.

Full payment


1x payment only

Pay installment


3x payment

For many mindfulness teachers, getting just one or two students is enough to cover the investment in this class - and the best part is that you will then be able to use this knowledge towards marketing any other service you want to share with the world in the future.

Try this Mindful Marketing program risk-free for 30 days!

We know that making a financial investment in growing your mindfulness teaching practice can be a big step. That’s why we offer a 30 day guarantee. Try out Mindful Marketing for Mindfulness Teachers for yourself 100% risk-free.

, Mindful Marketing Program

Once you register, you get a full 30 days to try out the program before making a final commitment. If you aren't satisfied with the course material, workbooks, templates, or the support you're getting, simply ask us for a refund by emailing [email protected] in the first month, and you will get your money back without any hassle. The only thing we ask is that you’ve gone through at least the first two modules of the program.

Together, we’ll amplify your impact and income with a mindful approach to marketing.

, Mindful Marketing Program

Hi, kind soul.

I’m Simona and I believe that marketing can be an opportunity to serve more people and deepen your mindfulness practice. 

Over the past five years, I’ve helped hundreds of mindfulness teachers get more sign-ups, bookings, and increase their income and impact with mindful marketing.

And I can’t wait to help you do the same!

Unlike other marketing courses that don’t take into account the unique challenges that mindfulness teachers face in marketing, this program is designed to help you share your offerings with integrity and authenticity.

With your mindfulness wisdom, heart-centered intentions, and the proven marketing tools and systems you’ll gain in this program, we will change more people’s lives for the better.

Here’s to creating a more mindful world together!

❤︎   Simona

“The more you are motivated by love, the more fearless & free your actions will be.”

— The Dalai Lama —


, Mindful Marketing Program

Melanie Goel

Brand Lead & Senior Product Manager, Founder of mindfulness meditation & yoga business

"Mindful Marketing for Mindfulness Teachers is an invaluable resource for marketers at all levels. Sean Fargo and Simona Ondrejkova expertly blend fundamental marketing principles with innovative insights, such as leveraging technologies like ChatGPT, to cater to the unique needs of mindfulness businesses.

As someone with a decade of corporate marketing experience, I found the course to be enlightening, offering fresh perspectives on reaching audiences interested in mindfulness services. The comprehensive nature of the program ensures that both beginners and seasoned marketers will benefit greatly, with the included workbook serving as a practical guide for refining business strategies.

I wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone seeking to enhance their marketing approach in the mindful business sphere. It's a true game-changer that I'll undoubtedly revisit for ongoing inspiration and guidance in navigating the evolving landscape of mindful marketing."

, Mindful Marketing Program

Cheryl Shah

Simply Pause

"I had never done any type of Marketing in my life, coming from a world of Excel spreadsheets. Simona’s Marketing class guided me step by step in how to market my mindfulness business.

As I went through each module my fear subsided a bit and now, I am actually enjoying and unleashing my creative side. I am excited to write marketing content to support one of my biggest passions in this life.

The course is wonderful, but Simona herself, has gone the extra mile to review content on my website and other marketing content to ensure I am connecting with my target audience. I am looking forward to our ongoing relationship in growing my business to support people to live with more ease and compassion."

, Mindful Marketing Program

Mary Linda McBride

Mindful Resolution

"As someone who loves teaching mindfulness classes but didn't feel confident about marketing, I found Simona's course to be a great resource.

The insights in the lessons and workbooks helped me clearly identify my audience and gave me creative ideas for reaching and serving new clients.

She breaks down the process in an accessible way that makes the marketing process feel doable and even fun. Like meditation, marketing turns out to be a practice - showing up and making incremental progress. Thank you, Simona! "

, Mindful Marketing Program

Méline Nadeau

Health and Wellness Writer, Sleep Coach and Mindful Meditation Teacher

"I’m so grateful for Simona’s Mindful Marketing Program for Mindful Meditation Teachers. Her course helped me come up with a simple system to help me promote my mindfulness work to as many people as I can. When I decided to take my business to the next level, I had no real plan on how to promote myself and my offerings.

Mindful Marketing helped me define my vision, hone my mission statement, clarify my goals and develop my mindfulness offerings. Simone’s easy to follow, step-by-step plan helped me articulate my value and what makes me different from other people.

And finally, she helped me realize that marketing is simply a way for me to reach out to the people who could benefit from my skills most. You can be mindful and still make money. By studying the market and identifying my students’ needs, I can better serve them and my community. If you’re looking for a way to take your mindfulness business to the next level but you’re not sure how to get there, I highly recommend Simona’s Mindful Marketing Program."

, Mindful Marketing Program

Hanan Abdelaal

TV Development Executive & Corporate Mindfulness Coach

"As someone who's been struggling to get the word out about my mindfulness business, this course has been a game-changer. Before diving in, I feel like I’ve been spinning my wheels, pouring my heart into creating social content, guides & workshops only to have them go unnoticed. Which as you can imagine, can feel really frustrating. But what I learned from this workshop experience has been eye-opening.

What I love most about the course is its emphasis on authenticity and conscious business practices. It's not about using marketing tactics to manipulate or coerce, but rather about authentically connecting with others and sharing our offerings from a place of genuine care and compassion.

The course covers everything from setting goals to building an online presence and crafting standout emails. I love that Simone goes into great detail about how to construct your website which is something I desperately needed help with. Surprisingly, this aspect was missing in previous marketing courses I've taken.

Everything is super practical and each module comes with exercises and tools that are very helpful. So you are not only learning but also actively constructing your business. By the end I had a comprehensive blueprint ready to put into action.

I feel like I’ve been given an A-Z guide, where before I felt so lost, not really knowing what I was doing wrong or how I could improve. Honestly, trying to figure it all out on my own would have taken me such a long time, and time is not a luxury I have as someone who is starting a new business.

Thank you so much for creating this course Simona!"

, Mindful Marketing Program

Marilia Marien

PhD, Mindfulness Trainer

"Working with Simona has significantly helped me on the way to realizing my vision of sharing mindfulness with a wider audience. Because of my experience working with Simona on my website, I chose to take her Online Marketing for Mindfulness Teachers course.

Simona’s gift is her ability to mix her passion for mindfulness with her copywriting skills and marketing knowledge. She has an authentic, friendly, encouraging, and energetic presence that makes her a pleasure to work with. The course increased my confidence in my ability to market my services in a way that was in alignment with my values.

The course content and Simona’s encouragement showed me an effective marketing path, gave me options, and helped me feel more clear and confident about how to engage in marketing."

, Mindful Marketing Program

Lisa Forde

Mindfulness Meditation and Therapeutic Yoga Teacher

"I teach mindfulness meditation and therapeutic Yoga and was looking for ways to expand my reach for online work as well as in person. This course was perfect as it really helped to clarify the vision for my business, who are the people that I want to serve and how to really connect with them. All of this done in a mindful way, based on my values.

It takes you through a step-by-step process so you can start building your marketing materials as you go through it. This includes website, social media (or not), email marketing, SEO. It also gives you the bigger picture of marketing so you can see why you're taking the steps you do, which is very helpful.

Also, really cool tips on using AI for inspiration and ideas for content writing and research. I never thought I’d be interested in AI but it can be used authentically and really helps to cut the workload down. There are some very useful prompts given for this to get the information you need.

All in all a great course, I highly recommend it!"

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to complete the course?

The course is self-paced so you get to complete each module at your own pace. That means you can complete the program as quickly as you want to or take your time as needed. With each lesson shorter than 15 minutes, it’s easy to integrate into your day so you can learn effectively and without overwhelm. We recommend doing one module per week, which would mean you could easily complete the entire course within 8 weeks by spending just an hour or two a week on it.

Who is this course created for?

This course is for you if you’re a mindfulness teacher who wants to bring your work to more people, make a bigger impact, or make more money with your mindfulness work. You can also gain tremendous benefits from learning these marketing principles if you’re any type of heart-centered service provider or conscious entrepreneur who cares about doing marketing ethically and authentically.

Will this course help me increase sales?

When you do your marketing effectively, you will be able to reach more people and increase the number of sign ups for your offerings which effectively means more sales and a greater income. The more deeply you integrate these marketing techniques, the more organically you will get sales as you consistently provide value through your marketing.

Can I ask a question about the program before I buy?

Yes, you can email Simona directly here: [email protected]
Or you can book a call with her here:

Or you can schedule a call with Sean Fargo here:


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