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Personal Values Mindfulness Exercise

Have you ever felt like you’re on autopilot in your day to day life? This feeling can present itself in many forms, and to varying degrees. You might feel like you’re not present while you’re at work, or like your mind is preoccupied when you’re spending time with family members. A mindfulness practice can help you overcome these feelings by increasing your sense of awareness, focus, and presence in your daily life.

Sometimes, though, this “autopilot” feeling can start to creep into some of the big pictures aspects of who we are as people. We might find ourselves doing things that aren’t commensurate with who we want to be, and how we want to exist in the world. Indeed, we may at times feel like we’re unsure of what our core values are. Are we really aware of what we believe about the world? Are we acting on those beliefs?

Increasing awareness of your values

In this mindfulness exercise, you’ll be instructed on how to identify and assess your core personal values. To begin with, you’ll put together a list of the values and qualities that you identify with the most on a deep, internal level. Before attempting to do this, we’ll discuss what exactly we mean by “value,” and what it may mean to you.

When working to identify your deepest values, you’ll be instructed to think in terms of where you derive your greatest sense of satisfaction, purpose, and meaning. These events, feelings, interactions, and habits can provide helpful clues and insight into what you value most.

Incorporating your values into your life

Once you’ve identified which values matter to you the most, you’ll receive guidance on how to incorporate these values in your day to day existence. This is easier said than done, but it’s achievable with intention, practice, and a desire to live according to your deepest beliefs. Think of this as an important step on your journey to live more mindfully.

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