You Can Achieve Mindfulness at Work

Thinking of today’s hectic, fast-paced job world doesn’t typically bring about a peaceful vision of mindfulness. Quite the opposite right? You’re multi-tasking, moving from one thing to the other in a hurry and frequently trying to remember what you were doing just a moment before the latest distraction popped in. Though it sounds counter-intuitive, you can achieve mindfulness at work. You just need to set yourself up for success.

Here’s how:

1. Eliminate distractions. Turn off the notifications on your smartphone. Turn off your email notifications on your computer. Put your office phone on do not disturb. Minimizing distractions is the first step to remaining focused.

2. Plan your workflow. Write your task list in order of priority. Don’t let your day run you; run your day. Decide what’s most important and commit to getting it done.

3. Do your work mindfully by doing one thing at a time. Start with the first thing on your task list and stay with it until it is done. If it is a large project, break it into smaller tasks and take breaks as needed. But during your work time, don’t check your email, Facebook or apps on your smartphone. Though it may feel that you are less busy because you are only doing one thing, you are likely to be much more productive.

Set scheduled times for emails and social media breaks and take control of your day.

4. If you find yourself feeling distracted, refocus. Take a few minutes to sit up straight and concentrate on your breathing. If this isn’t enough, you could try one of our many Business and Career mindfulness exercises to help you regain your focus. With a simple click, we can get you back on track – anytime, anywhere.

5. Practice mindfulness daily. Practicing mindfulness outside of work can help you maintain your focus and awareness on the job. Incorporate an evening meditation into your day or take time for some mindful breathing. Train your mind to work at its best.

For more information on how mindfulness can improve all areas of your life, contact us! We have exercises for each time of day and life situation to help you achieve peace, happiness and your best you.

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