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For all of us, there are times in life when we feel disconnected from our inner capacity for strength and resilience. During these times, we might first tend mindfully to this experience with compassion, curiosity, and patience. Then, when we feel ready to dive deeper, we might use mindfulness practice to help us enhance the strength that lives within.

Tuning into the Presence of Strength

The first step to consciously and mindfully building inner strength and increasing resilience is to open our awareness to their presence. Often, when we feel less than strong or resilient, our mind is attuned to what we perceive to be weakness. However, to cultivate these qualities, we need to be willing to see the small expressions of strength in our day to day lives.

For instance, sometimes getting out of bed in the morning is a sign of great strength. Sometimes, taking a few deep breaths is a sign of resilience. At all times, but especially when life feels difficult, it is important to note and honor all the ways in which we display these admirable qualities. By setting aside self-judgment and expectation for how things are ‘supposed’ to look, this becomes much easier.

A Practice for Enhancing Strength and Resilience

In addition to the worksheet included here, you might consider the use of positive affirmations to increase your belief in your innate strength and resilience. You can repeat these during meditation or as you drift off to sleep. Some of the affirmations you might use include:

  • I am capable of overcoming all obstacles.
  • I am strong and resilient.
  • I nourish my mind, my body, and my heart.
  • I am compassionate and patient towards myself.
  • There is an infinite well of strength within me.

For an additional mindfulness practice for increasing awareness of your resilience, check out the script, Recognizing Your Resilience to Difficulty.

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