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, Premium Mindfulness & Meditation Trainings

create your own mindfulness workshops & teachings with your name on them

, Premium Mindfulness & Meditation Trainings

Self-paced, online mindfulness meditation Teacher Certification 

, Premium Mindfulness & Meditation Trainings

lead meditations confidently with easy to use scripts

, Premium Mindfulness & Meditation Trainings

Mindfulness Masterclass videos with top teachers, unlimited streaming

, Premium Mindfulness & Meditation Trainings

enhance mindfulness easily with these downloadable worksheet pdf's

, Premium Mindfulness & Meditation Trainings

Certification program For mindfulness meditation teachers who care about being sensitive to people's trauma

, Premium Mindfulness & Meditation Trainings

Brandable Mindfulness Social Media Templates for scaling your online presence

, Premium Mindfulness & Meditation Trainings

online course to enhance your confidence as a mindfulness meditation teachers

, Premium Mindfulness & Meditation Trainings

a comprehensive, research-backed resource for mindfulness practice

, Premium Mindfulness & Meditation Trainings

self-paced Course, study materials, self-assessment tools, & scripts.

, Premium Mindfulness & Meditation Trainings

enhance mindfulness in professional workplaces with this easy to use package

, Premium Mindfulness & Meditation Trainings

reach more people & scale your business as a mindfulness meditation teacher

, Premium Mindfulness & Meditation Trainings

reach your goals much faster with personalized support

About Sean Fargo

I'm Sean Fargo, once a Buddhist monk and now a dedicated mindfulness teacher. Drawing from my background, I've created materials that help educators bring mindfulness into their classrooms effectively.

These mindfulness resources are shaped by my own path and expertise in areas like stress reduction, peak performance, and mental health.

, Premium Mindfulness & Meditation Trainings

Sean Fargo founded Mindfulness Exercises with a mission to provide simple yet effective tools for coping with life’s challenges. Drawing on his transformative experience as a Buddhist monk in Thailand, Sean aimed to bring the benefits of mindfulness to a broader audience. Over the past decade, he has dedicated himself to integrating mindfulness practices into various organizations globally, collaborating with notable figures such as Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach, and providing training to companies including Tesla, Facebook, and Google.

In 2014, Sean established Mindfulness Exercises, a platform that has since supported over 20 million people with a wealth of resources, ranging from meditations and courses to live retreats. He currently leads a unique Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification program that combines pre-recorded sessions with live mentorship, fostering community and deepening practice. His extensive work as a mindfulness consultant and certified executive coach underscores his commitment to helping individuals cultivate presence and awareness in their daily lives.

Backed By International Accreditations

, Premium Mindfulness & Meditation Trainings
, Premium Mindfulness & Meditation Trainings
, Premium Mindfulness & Meditation Trainings

The CPD Certification Service is the world's leading and largest CPD accreditation service, with over 25 years' experience supporting accredited CPD training providers across industry sectors. Accredited CPD training means our program has reached the required Continuing Professional Development standards and benchmarks. The learning value has been scrutinized to ensure integrity and quality. The CPD Certification Service provides recognized independent CPD accreditation compatible with global CPD requirements.

IMMA is an International association that supports meditation teachers, mindfulness trainers and teachers, forest bathing and nature connection guides. We are an association run by meditation teachers, mindfulness trainers and nature connection guides for people working in this industry. We are not associated with any religion or one spiritual path. We aim to set and maintain standards of accreditation based on knowledge, experience and/or education. As an organization, we aim to embody the values of compassion, acceptance, inclusiveness and gratitude.

  • Build credibility as a mindfulness meditation teacher
  • Lead professional classes, courses and workshops
  • Gain entry into Fortune 500 companies
  • Integrate with therapy, yoga, reiki, hypnotherapy, DBT, ACT, etc.
  • Teach business wellness programs
  • Record and share your own guided meditations
  • Coach individuals and groups to their highest potential
  • Help heal trauma, addiction, grief, depression & anxiety
  • Support families, parents, teachers & kids
  • Increase people's resilience & emotional intelligence


"Sean is a wonderful teacher, well practiced in the teachings of mindfulness and compassion, dedicated and thoughtful."

— Jack Kornfield

Bestselling Author & Founder of Spirit Rock Meditation Center

, Premium Mindfulness & Meditation Trainings

"It is a privilege to contribute to Sean Fargo's mindfulness teacher certification program. The warm and inviting atmosphere of the classes nourishes and reflects everything that is taught. This is mindfulness training in the truest sense."

— Christopher Germer

Founder of the Mindful Self-Compassion Program

, Premium Mindfulness & Meditation Trainings

"Having collaborated with Sean Fargo, I can attest that he is a visionary who brings scope, insight and compassion to his teaching and support of others on the path of meditation. Along with many, I, too, have personally witnessed his unstinting kindness."

— Gabor Maté

M.D., Author, The Myth of Normal: Trauma, Illness and Healing in a Toxic Culture

, Premium Mindfulness & Meditation Trainings

"Sean is the most thoughtful, courageous and inclusive teacher I have had in a long time. If you want to start your mindfulness teaching journey in a simple, practical and meaningful way, I recommend speaking with Sean and you will be amazed at the impact he will have on you. His passion to contribute to others learning and development is contagious."

— Hasan Rafiq

Chief Operating Officer Of Diversity At Facebook

, Premium Mindfulness & Meditation Trainings

"Sean is the absolute gold standard for mindfulness training and coaching. He’s been trained as a monk in the traditional teachings and methods of the Buddha, and he’s also worked in corporate settings while raising a family. In other words, he has tremendous depth and breadth.He is also very very kind, with bone-deep integrity, excellent communication and teaching skills, inclusive open-minded awareness, and a sweetly supportive manner. He really is the best, and I recommend him wholeheartedly.”

— Dr. Rick Hanson

New York Times Bestselling Author of Resilience And Hardwiring Happiness

, Premium Mindfulness & Meditation Trainings
, Premium Mindfulness & Meditation Trainings

Download our 8 Most Popular Guided Meditation Scripts

, Premium Mindfulness & Meditation Trainings

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