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Wise Confidence

This complete online course will help you:

  • overcome your self-doubt & inner critic
  • teach mindfulness with more confidence
  • replace the imposter syndrome with self care and resilience

Dear Friends,

Last year I was reflecting on how I can best support my students to become better mindfulness teachers, deepen their own personal practice, and grow a sustainable mindfulness business. So I sent out a survey with some options.

I was shocked to learn that, for most of our practitioners, the biggest thing preventing them from taking their mindfulness career to the next level is not lack of knowledge or training—but a lack of confidence.

Now, confidence can often get a bad rap among more conscious individuals, who are afraid of it turning into arrogance and conceit — which often happens with the other teachings on confidence out there. So I needed to find a framework for learning confidence that is suitable for mindfulness practitioners.

That is why I reached out to one of the biggest experts in this field, Giovanni Dienstmann, who has created a model of confidence deeply rooted in wisdom and awareness.

Here is what he had to say when I shared my survey results:

"I'm not surprised at hearing the results of your survey. Confidence is essential for people to perform at their best, feel well, and make a greater impact with what they do.

Let's imagine two mindfulness teachers.

One of them knows all there is to know about mindfulness, has gone through a lot of training, and has the best scripts. But they lack confidence in the way they present their teaching, give a speech, or talk to a potential client.

The other one has a third of the knowledge and the training, but shows up to every teaching interaction with great confidence and enthusiasm. They are comfortable marketing their offerings and putting themselves out there, in a way that is authentic.

Which of these will be more successful in their career?

Which will have the biggest impact in their communities?

Which will be most highly paid?

Confidence is as important as competence, and unfortunately it's something that most meditation teachers are not actively trained in."

When I asked him why he thinks that is the case, he said

"Because so far we haven't had a model of confidence that is mindful. And people who are more spiritual or conscious won't connect as well with the existing models."

I was intrigued.

After some calls diving deep into this topic, I asked him if he would create a step-by-step program to teach his system to members of our Mindfulness Exercises community.

He happily agreed. 😊 🙌🏻

This course is the culmination of our efforts to help all mindfulness and meditation teachers feel more confident in themselves, their mindfulness practice, and their mission to help others be more mindful.

May this support your work teaching mindfulness and meditation.

Mindfully yours,

Sean Fargo


ConfidentImpactful Fulfilled & Well-Compensated

Imagine teaching mindfulness and meditation with calm, caring confidence that other people can feel.

, Wise Confidence for Mindfulness & Meditation Teachers V1

Would you be more effective in your teaching?

, Wise Confidence for Mindfulness & Meditation Teachers V1

Would you earn more clients and income?

, Wise Confidence for Mindfulness & Meditation Teachers V1

Would your work impact more people?

, Wise Confidence for Mindfulness & Meditation Teachers V1

Would you feel more fulfilled?


Wise Confidence

A Step-by-Step Online Course for Mindfulness Teachers to Overcome Fear of Judgment & Imposter Syndrome

This program willl help you:

, Wise Confidence for Mindfulness & Meditation Teachers V1

OVERCOME SELF-DOUBT around teaching mindfulness and meditation — and replace it with confident self-belief.

, Wise Confidence for Mindfulness & Meditation Teachers V1

EMBODY SELF-CONFIDENCE for yourself and your students or clients so you can help them become more confident too.

, Wise Confidence for Mindfulness & Meditation Teachers V1

INCREASE YOUR IMPACT as a mindfulness teacher by bringing more authenticity and conviction to your practice.

, Wise Confidence for Mindfulness & Meditation Teachers V1

GROW YOUR SUCCESS as a mindfulness teacher by putting yourself out there with more confidence and authenticity.

, Wise Confidence for Mindfulness & Meditation Teachers V1

FEEL MORE FULFILLED in your work and life by making more of an impact in the lives of others and being true to yourself.

, Wise Confidence for Mindfulness & Meditation Teachers V1

If you've ever felt self-doubt, this is the most mindful way to develop caring confidence.

It's designed to systematically take you from self-doubt to self-belief through 3 pillars: 

Aspiration > Awareness > Action

, Wise Confidence for Mindfulness & Meditation Teachers V1

The Aspiration Pillar

is about who you are at your core, creating a vision for yourself, and living inside out from that vision.

  • Discover the five essential elements of self-confidence
  • Design your aspirational identity, and make that the foundation for your life
  • Overcome years of unhelpful conditioning
  • Express your core strengths, in a way that is empowered but not arrogant
  • Fully embody your aspirational identity
  • Use your mindfulness skills as confidence boosters
  • Practice balanced acceptance
  • The power of the PAW Method, Daily Alignment Practice, and Sankalpa
  • Choose your Power Words and use them as a compass for living
, Wise Confidence for Mindfulness & Meditation Teachers V1

The Awareness Pillar

is about the four core tools of personal transformation: mindset, witnessing, imagination, and embodiment. 

  • Deconstruct negative self-talk and tell yourself better stories
  • Move forward without being held back by fear or failure
  • Be kinder to yourself
  • Have realistic expectations and wider perspective on your challenges
  • Navigate failure in an empowered way
  • Use the Not Now technique to gain inner space from self-doubt
  • Use the ROAR Method to process impulses and difficult emotions
  • The power of energetic shifting
  • Use anchors for confidence, including the LION Mudra
  • Use Passive Imagination to release inner resistances and unblock yourself
  • Use Active Imagination to create confidence and dissolve negativity
, Wise Confidence for Mindfulness & Meditation Teachers V1

The Action Pillar

is all about expressing self-confidence in your daily life. You will learn how to:

  • Speak in a more empowered way
  • Learn quick confidence boosts in times you need them most
  • Overcome your fears in a safe and effective way
  • Develop a simple routine with all the key practices from the program
  • Create powerful Never Zero commitments
  • Cultivate the three most important virtues needed for personal transformation

What You Get

This program includes

, Wise Confidence for Mindfulness & Meditation Teachers V1

8 Step-By-Step Video Modules

, Wise Confidence for Mindfulness & Meditation Teachers V1

17 Guided Meditations

, Wise Confidence for Mindfulness & Meditation Teachers V1

26 Worksheet Exercises

, Wise Confidence for Mindfulness & Meditation Teachers V1

21 "Learn More" Bonus Materials

In all modules, you'll be able to watch the content in video format, download the slides (PDF's), and access the transcript for easy following. 

You also gain exclusive access to a private forum where you can share your experiences and ask Giovanni any questions about the content.

This is my master system for transforming into the best mindfulness meditation teacher you can be. And even though it's focused on self-confidence, over 70% of the tools here will be applicable to any other personal development goals you may have.

So by joining this program, you are guaranteed to be learning effective tools that will be helpful to you and your mindfulness students for the rest of your life!

Now it's your turn

If this feels like a yes for you, then buy now to gain lifetime access. 

Go at your own pace anytime from anywhere in the world.

Empower yourself to show up with full confidence and self-belief in all areas of your life—from mindfulness to teaching to personal relationships.

And do so in a way that is aligned with your deeper values and with the teachings of mindfulness.

Confidence opens many doors in your career and your life — the possibilities are endless. And now you have a way to cultivate it that is authentic, deep, and lasting.

Get lifetime access to the program for only $297, or 5 payments of $65.

, Wise Confidence for Mindfulness & Meditation Teachers V1

Even if you just look at the professional value of this program, imagine how much more you can earn in your career with more confidence? How quickly could you earn back your investment, multiple times over?

Not to mention the transformational positive life benefits you'll experience across all areas of your life and personal relationships.

What price would you pay for a more confident life?

This program is likely going to be more expensive soon. Because you are in the first group of people to join, you get the benefit of this introductory price.

To take advantage of that, join now by clicking the button below. That will take you to the checkout page where you can enter your payment details and gain access to the course. Please note that once the timer in this page expires, the course will be closed.

What is going to happen if you don't join this program?


Nothing will happen. Things will tend to continue the way they are.

But if you take action, positive changes will happen.

Your work will be more impactful, and more highly rewarded too.

For most people, confidence is a revolutionary choice—in their career and in their life. Give yourself the chance to experience that.

An UNBEATABLE Guarantee:

Try Wise Confidence for 30 Days, 100% Risk-Free

If for any reason you are not happy with the program, then I've got you covered with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Simply ask for a refund in the first month, and you will get your money back.

The only thing I ask is that you have actually tried the course and gone through the first three modules.

, Wise Confidence for Mindfulness & Meditation Teachers V1

Become Confident Teaching Mindfulness & Meditation

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, Wise Confidence for Mindfulness & Meditation Teachers V1

What Others are Saying About the Wise Confidence Framework

, Wise Confidence for Mindfulness & Meditation Teachers V1

"Wise Confidence masterfully presents a roadmap to self-empowerment, illuminating the journey from self-doubt to authenticity."

David Treleavan

PhD, Author of "Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness: Practices for Safe and Transformative Healing"

, Wise Confidence for Mindfulness & Meditation Teachers V1

"The three pillars of self-confidence enable you to shift from self-doubt to self-belief and inner strength."

Katie Stoddart

Leadership Coach & Speaker, Author of "The Magic of Focus"

, Wise Confidence for Mindfulness & Meditation Teachers V1

"A practical system that will help you build unshakeable confidence and courage."

Dr. Tal Leead

Author of Happier Being

, Wise Confidence for Mindfulness & Meditation Teachers V1

Here is the thing.

In the world of mindfulness, some teachers guide, teach, speak, coach, and present with confidence. Because of that,

  • They show up with more energy and conviction in what they do
  • Their impact on their students and clients is greater
  • They are comfortable marketing themselves (in an authentic way)
  • Their students believe in the practice and in the teachings more

As a result, they have more success teaching mindfulness, which leads to greater income too. With greater income, they can dedicate more time and energy to growing their own practice, or pursuing further training—all of which further improves the quality of their teaching. It's a virtuous cycle! 🤩❤️🧘‍♀️

Mindfulness teachers who LACK CONFIDENCE usually see their career stall, or move very slowly. This means that part of their energy is spent worrying about how to make it happen, or what to do next. They likely have to get another source of income to pay the bills. All of this diminishes the time and energy they have for their personal practice, and for growing as a teacher. It's a vicious cycle. 😬😞😢

I created this program because I want you to be in the first group. 🙌

If this resonates with you, click the button below to join.

With gratitude,


, Wise Confidence for Mindfulness & Meditation Teachers V1

Giovanni Dientsmann is a self-discipline coach, meditation teacher, and author who focuses on the intersection between wisdom, peace, and power.

Giovanni has helped executives, entrepreneurs, business owners, artists, and pro athletes to live a more focused and puposeful life. 

Since 2014, he has been helping people to overcome distractions, procrastination, fear, anxiety, and self-doubt.

As a meditation teacher, Giovanni ran one of the top most visited meditation blogs on the web. His first book, Practical Meditation, is available in eight different languages and has popularly been called "the meditation Bible." His second book, Mindful Self-Discipline, has over 500 reviews on Amazon and reached many best-seller lists.

Giovanni has over 12,000 hours of personal meditation practice and is sought-after consultant to award-winning meditation apps. His meditation programs have helped over 30,000 people start a daily meditation practice, improve their psychological well-being, and master their minds.


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, Wise Confidence for Mindfulness & Meditation Teachers V1
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