Self-Compassion Visualization: The Blanket of Love
Self-Compassion Through the Body
Intention of Self-Compassion
Identifying Self-Judgment and Bringing in Self-Compassion
Directional Compassion
Cultivating Self-Care and Extending It Out
Breathing Self-Compassion
Self-Compassion Pause
Kindness for Your Thinking Mind
Compassion for Your Emotions
Compassion for the Whole Body
Writing Meditation
Classic Five Hindrances
Working with Boredom
A Compassion Meditation to Ease Anxiety
Easing Anxiety by Remembering Impermanence
Soothing Anxiety With Awareness
Softening Anxiety by Grounding in the Present Moment
An Anti-Anxiety Gratitude Practice
Soothing Anxiety with Breath Awareness
Power of Acceptance
Noticing Your Helpers
Mindfulness of Speech Meditation
Let Go of Thoughts and Let Go of Anxiety
Four Stages of Meditation
Cultivating Joyful Effort
Cultivating Joy
Cultivating Equanimity
Impermanence Meditation
Being Still Meditation
5 Minute Standing Meditation
When You Just Can’t Meditate
Mindful Walking Script
Mindful Speech
Puppies Meditation
Outdoor Meditation
One Breath at a Time
Naming the Feelings
Movement Meditation
Meditation with a Pet