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February 5, 2024

Placing our attention on one single thing, such as breathing, helps focus and calm the mind. In this breath awareness meditation script, listeners are guided to bring mindfulness to their breath as a means of encouraging presence.

Often, we are not present. We’re caught up in thoughts and the movement of the mind, chasing distraction. When we intentionally bring the mind home to observe the breath, we connect to what’s actually happening in this present moment. This can lead to a feeling of greater stability and calm. When we practice focused attention in meditation, we become more capable of carrying this mental stability into our daily lives. 

This mindful breathing script can be practiced in as little as 5 minutes, or may be extended for a meditation that spans 10 minutes or more. Mindfulness of breath is a beginner-friendly practice, but can also be deeply insightful for advanced practitioners.

  • Practice Time: 5 minutes
  • Purpose: Breath Awareness
  • May Help With: Mindfulness of the Body, Presence, Acceptance
  • Practice Level: Beginner
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Here’s a Sample of the “A Breath Awareness Meditation Script” Guided Meditation Script:

The body is always breathing, and the breath is constantly moving.

Your breath is not only the best place to start; it’s a constant you can return to anytime you need a little centering.

In this practice, you will gently find the breath in the body.

There is nothing to figure out, there are no problems to solve, and there’s nothing special you need to do.

Constantly return to your direct experience of the body breathing.

You are training the mind to be with one experience without distraction.

Find a comfortable position for the body.

Sitting is often recommended, as it helps keep the body awake and energized.

You can also try lying flat on your back, or standing.

You may sit on a yoga mat, meditation cushion, or chair.

breath awareness meditation script, A Breath Awareness Meditation Script

Find what feels comfortable and sustainable for a few minutes of stillness.

Gently allow the eyes to close.

If you’re more comfortable with the eyes open, try softly gazing at the floor or ceiling (depending on your position).

Allow the eyes to relax and rest on one spot.

The idea is to minimize distractions in your practice.

Bring your awareness to the abdomen.

Relaxing the muscles there, see if you can feel the natural rising and falling.

Imagine the body is breathing itself.

From the navel around to the obliques, notice the movement with each breath.

How to Use this Mindful Breathing Script

This breath awareness meditation script is an especially good choice for guiding meditation in group settings or in situations where the practitioners have varying levels of experience. It works equally well, however, for sharing meditation one-on-one.

Use this guided meditation script in person or live online, or use it to record audio or video for later viewing. You can read this mindful breathing script just as it is, or use it to inspire your own version by making edits as you see fit. 

This accessible mindfulness of breath meditation is suitable for sharing mindfulness with others in both casual and professional settings.   


Mindfulness of the breath is a beneficial practice for beginners and advanced practitioners alike. This breath awareness meditation script presents mindful breathing in an easy-to-follow format. Use it to help others be more present in their daily lives by incorporating the tools of mindful breathing. 

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