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February 4, 2024

This modern world is often busy and frantic, which can leave us stressed and out of balance. However, it’s possible to come back to our center with the ‘Perfect 10 Breaths’ practice. This breath meditation script can guide you through it.

By using this script, you (or your clients) will discover a simple and straightforward practice for focusing and quieting the mind. The exercise uses the breath - and a simple counting practice - as an anchor for our awareness.

Whether you’re looking to support yourself and guide others, this breathing exercise script is a perfectly simple practice to keep in your back pocket. May it support you and those you serve.

  • Practice Time: Approx. 10 minutes
  • Purpose: Centering, Focusing, Quieting the Mind
  • May Help With: Reducing Stress or Racing Thoughts
  • Practice Level: Beginner
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Here’s a Sample of the “A Breath Meditation Script for Centering” Guided Meditation Script:

Take a seat in a quiet, comfortable place where you can be free from distractions.

Sit up tall with a neutral spine.
Slowly shift front to back and side to side until you feel that the crown of your head sits directly over your tailbone.
Let your chin drop towards neutral.

Release your shoulders by resting your arms naturally in your lap with your palms face up or down.

Close your eyes, and breathe quietly and slowly in and out through your nose.
Take a moment to settle your attention on the breath

Notice the movement of breath through your nostrils
Follow that movement into the body
Feel the rise and fall of your chest

breath meditation script, A Breath Meditation Script for Centering

The expansion and softening in your belly
Perhaps feeling the breath in the back of your body
The sides of your rib cage, or anywhere else

Notice where it is that you feel the breath the most clearly
And then anchor the mind in that spot.

Hold this deep curiosity on the breath, as we work towards the perfect ten.
Prepare with a slow breath in,
And then count your exhale as breath number one
Exhale number two
Inhale number two
Exhale number three
Inhale number three
And so on….
All the way up to ten.

(pause for 5-7 more cycles of breath)

How to Use the Perfect 10 Breath Meditation Script

This breathing meditation script is a wonderfully versatile practice that suits a whole range of people and situations. It is great for beginners and advanced practitioners alike, helping us all to experience the power of focused attention.

Consider these five ways of using this breath meditation script:

  • Record it and share it as a lead magnet. If you are a mindfulness meditation teacher, this script can be a great lead magnet to send to new subscribers to your email list.
  • Lead a workshop focused on the power of the breath. In this workshop, explore a variety of practices related to breath awareness, including this one.
  • Organize a self-care retreat. Include this guided breathing meditation, highlighting it as one simple practice that your students can use at any time as a means of self-care.
  • Share it with busy professionals. This is a short and easy-to-remember practice that would be well-suited for many busy professionals. Teach working professionals the technique so that they can use it throughout their working days.
  • Use it to deepen your own practice. Read through the script a few times so that you become comfortable with the instructions. Use it in your own daily meditation practice.


When we’re feeling stressed or out of balance, sometimes all we need is to remember to breathe. This breath meditation script is a wonderful practice for guiding us back home to our breath.

May this practice support you and all those you serve. May it remind you and others to make space to simply breathe - even if just for ten beautiful breaths.

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