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Mindfulness Body Scan for Gratitude

Deepen feelings of gratitude with a mindfulness body scan. Gratitude practice increases awareness and appreciation and even makes us kinder.

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Begin in either a seated posture, or lying down
Close the eyes and breathe slowly and evenly in and out through the nose
Use awareness of the breath to anchor you in this present moment
Follow the breath for three long, patient inhales,
And three long patient exhales

And now notice the body itself
Beginning at the top of the head
Notice the face, the back of the head
The entire head

Acknowledge all that’s happening in the head right now
Feel the breath, moving in and out through the nose
Recognize the function of the eyes, even as they are closed
Aware of the function of the ears
The mouth
And of course, the mind that makes sense of it all

Notice how much, and how often, you’ve benefited
From eyes, ears, mouth and nose
How much, and how often, you’ve benefited
From the functionality of this capable mind

Recognize too, that not everyone can see, hear, smell, taste,
Or even think and cognate in the same way that you do

Let that awareness help you feel into a deep, heartfelt sense of gratitude
Feel and send thanks to the eyes, ears, nose and mouth
Send thanks to the mind

Be present with this awareness of gratitude for all the ways
That all the parts of the face and head are serving and protecting you

And then shift awareness down to the neck and the throat
Open to the awareness of gratitude
For your voice, your ability to speak, swallow, and be well fed
Drop down to awareness of the shoulders
And let gratitude spread

Mindfulness Body Scan for Gratitude

As you become more aware of the functioning of the arms
Your ability to move, to reach for things
To hug and to hold

Let gratitude follow as you bring awareness to the arms
Upper arms, elbows and lower arms
The wrists, hands and fingers
Grateful for opposable thumbs
Grateful for all the things the hands and fingers help you to get done

Rest for a moment in this sensation of gratitude
For the head, neck and arms
Let gratitude build, and expand into awe
As you bring awareness to the miracle of the body itself

And then notice the chest, the back, the belly
Recognize this torso that is perfectly built
To protect the most vital organs inside
Feel grateful for breath itself, and the lungs
Notice the miraculous movement that’s occurring right now
The body, breathing itself

Grateful for the heart, and heartbeat
Soak in gratitude for the functionality of this miraculous energetic center
That supplies the body with oxygenated blood
With health, with life

Grateful for the belly, for digesting your food
For dispersing nutrients throughout the body
For keeping you fed and well

Grateful for every single functioning organ within
Each of which operates in harmony with another
To bring you this experience, right here and right now
Grateful for all of this that’s occurring, without you even needing to be aware
So choose to be aware,
Feel gratitude, and send thanks
To each functioning part of this system

And feel grateful too, for the parts that might not be faring so well
Grateful, for the signals in the body
That tell you to take better care,
To rest more, to slow down

Aware that perhaps the primary function of this vehicle
Is to help you awaken
To point you towards gratitude
To connect you to awe

Shift awareness down into the pelvis, the buttocks, the hips
And where awareness goes, let gratitude follow

Shift awareness to the upper legs, front and back sides of the thighs
Aware of all the wonderful places these hips and legs have taken you
Aware of the preciousness of the opportunities the hips and legs have provided for you

Aware too of the knees, the lower legs, feet and toes
Grateful, for the support of these bones, these muscles, this structure

Let the felt sense of gratitude expand again towards awe
As you recall the miraculous way in which this body has cared for you
Fed you in more ways than one
Given you a place to call home

Feel home here
Feel safe here
Feel loved

Notice too, how this body contributes to your mindfulness
How each of the senses, body and mind
Teach you, and lead you towards becoming more aware

It’s no accident that this is your body
Your teacher, your caretaker, your home
You are exactly where you need to be

Let this awareness open your heart further
To gratitude, contentment, and awe


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