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Gratitude for Pregnancy

Gratitude for Pregnancy. The chance to be a mother is one of the greatest opportunities a woman can be gifted. Gratitude is a very important life blessing.

Acknowledging gratitude is a very important life blessing. ...

Each time that we pause and take several moments to feel grateful, we are changing our lives for the better. 

The chance to be a mother is one of the greatest opportunities a woman can be gifted.

The love that grows between you and your child is more giving than anything you could possibly buy.

Experience now the feeling of the love between you and your baby right now.

Imagine right now the moments you have collected together so far.

Imagine all the times you held your baby close to your body, sharing warmth.

Fully immerse yourself with these feelings of love, and acknowledge that you have immense gratitude for what your baby gives you.

Begin to feel a sense of overwhelming gratitude for what you are able to give to your baby.

Sit now with these memories and feelings for a little while.
(Pause for 15 seconds)


Now bring about feelings of gratitude towards those who love you and care for you.

Let images of these wonderful people appear in your mind.

See their smiles and feel yourself smiling in this vision.

Clearly see them doing things for you that you are grateful for.

Thank them, and hug them, knowing that they expect nothing in return from you except love.

Be grateful for what you can provide for these people, especially when they ask for your help with something.

For a few moments, give recognition to these people who share love with you, and honor them.
(Pause for 15 seconds)


Now, imagine that you are standing in front of a large and stunning mirror.

It has a giant ornate frame that was hand carved and painted.

Gratitude for Pregnancy

You can see your whole reflection in this mirror.

Notice how you look and what you are wearing.

Now, extend gratitude to yourself.

Be thankful for all you have done for other people along your journey in life so far.

You see your reflection standing with grace, and appreciate the times that you had the strength that carried you through the difficult moments….

And you are obliged to offer assistance to those who need you.

Honor yourself right now. (Pause for 30 seconds)


Being grateful for all that you have material wise is also very important.

So right now, appreciate this recording that you are listening to, and how it guides you into relaxation.

Appreciate the warm bed or couch that you are laying on.

Give thanks that you have shelter, and that you always manage to find good foods to nourish you each day.

Give thanks to the workers who build our homes, roads, and work hard every day making sure electricity is always supplied to us.

Give thanks right now to anything and everything you can possibly think of.

Find a time in your day, every day, that you can set aside a minute or two to fully express feelings of gratitude.

By doing so, you are increasing prosperity for yourself and the world.

Thank you.


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