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February 13, 2024

We spend so much of our days caught up in our heads, distracted by stories and thoughts about the past or future. This grounding meditation script uses a simple body scan to bring us back to the here and now. By observing sensations in the body, we connect to what is real and present.

When our energy is directed toward our to-do lists, the busyness of our day, or caught up in worrying about the past or future, we may feel as though our feet aren’t on the ground. We lose a sense of stability and become even more vulnerable to distraction. 

When we take time to reconnect to the body, we reconnect to the present moment, to what is real and actually happening. Bringing mindfulness to the body is settling, grounding, and potentially calming. The simple body scan presented in this meditation script for grounding is a beginner-friendly practice that anyone can do. Use it to connect to stable presence.

  • Practice Time: < 5 minutes
  • Purpose: Establishing Grounded Presence
  • May Help With: Mindfulness of the Body, Relaxation, Calm
  • Practice Level: Beginner
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Here’s a Sample of the “Embody Mindfulness With This Grounding Meditation Script” Guided Meditation Script:

Read slowly and spaciously. 1-2 breaths after each line or comma, 2-3 breaths of pause between each paragraph.

Grounding Body Scan

For this meditation we can sit upright or lie down….
In either shape, the spine is neutral and long.
With eyes open or closed, begin by feeling into any body parts that are touching ground.
Notice that connection, between your body and the earth.
And allow your body, to rest further down. Down towards earth.
Equally, feel into a sensation, real or imagined, of the earth rising up to meet you, meeting your relaxing, downward energy with a lift.

And then notice your toes.
Not necessarily seeking sensation, but a simple awareness, a noticing, witnessing the toes.
Both right and left side body.
You may feel something, or nothing at all.
But stay with awareness of toes.

And then awareness of the feet. Right and left foot.
The inner arches, the tops and bottoms.
Awareness of ankles and heels.

Notice the shins. The calves.
The knees and the back of the knees.

grounding meditation script, Embody Mindfulness With This Grounding Meditation Script

Inviting in all sensation, or none, with equality.
Treating all that arises equally.
Open to whatever arises, just noticing.

Notice the thighs. Notice the hamstrings. Front and back side of the upper legs.
Notice the hips, exploring sensation in the pelvis, the glutes, the front, back and sides.
All 360 degrees of the hips.

Draw awareness up to the belly. Aware of belly movement with the breath.
Aware of the low back, and aware of the kidneys.
Whether or not this awareness of internal organs is real or imagined.

And then notice the chest.
Can you feel or hear your own heart beating.
Not only through the front of the chest, but the back.

From the chest, aware of the shoulders.
Ease in the shoulders as you explore right and left, front and back.

How to Use This Grounding Meditation Script

This grounding meditation script is suitable for use in a one-on-one or group setting. Use it to guide others in person, or use it to record an audio or video session to share online. Depending on how much spaciousness you leave between each cue, this may be used as a brief, 3-minute grounding meditation script, or you may extend the practice for 5 minutes or more. 

This simple grounding meditation can also be easily practiced without the script, once you are familiar with the structure of the practice. This makes it a useful meditation script for teachers to share with beginners, as it can help students feel confident about practicing on their own once they learn it.


The body scan is a powerful means of helping us get out of our heads and grounded in the body. When we’re grounded in the body, we are rooted in reality and presence. This 5 minute grounding meditation script can be practiced any time of day, standing, seated or lying down. Teach it to someone who could use a practical tool for centering themselves in the here and now.    

About the author 

Sara-Mai Conway

Sara-Mai Conway is a writer, yoga and meditation instructor living and working in Baja Sur, Mexico. In addition to online offerings, she teaches donation-based community classes in her tiny, off-grid hometown on the Pacific coast. She is a certified 500-hour Remedial Yoga and Applied Mindfulness Advanced teacher with Bodhi Yoga Spain under the Independent Yoga Network (UK).