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February 13, 2024

Some emotions carry a strong energy that can feel overwhelming. This may be especially true of anger, anxiety, grief or sadness. Use this emotional release meditation script to help soften the tendency to identify with your emotions. 

When a strong emotion arises, the body can get tense and uncomfortably activated. We may say things like, ‘I am angry,’ reflecting the feeling that the anger is us. In the intensity with which anger is felt by the body, we lose perspective. 

This guided meditation to release emotions helps us regain perspective using the technique of giving our strong emotions a pet name. Naming the emotion in this way replaces some distance between the sense of self that observes the emotion and the energy of the emotion itself.

  • Practice Time: <10 minutes
  • Purpose: Letting Go Of Emotions
  • May Help With: Mindfulness of the Body, Presence, Acceptance
  • Practice Level: Beginner
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Here’s a Sample of the “An Emotional Release Meditation Script” Guided Meditation Script:

Releasing the Pressure Valve

Some emotions carry an especially strong energy.

The mind becomes highly active, and the body grows tense.

This often happens when you are angry, anxious, or overwhelmed.

In these moments, you can benefit from “letting off some steam.”

You can use this exercise to relieve pressure in the moment and bring some softness to your experience.

Begin by closing the eyes and tuning in to the breath.

Fill the chest completely and empty it smoothly and slowly.

Take a few deep breaths like this, resting your attention on the rise and fall of the chest.

emotional release meditation, An Emotional Release Meditation Script

Recognize what you are feeling.

In an effort to not own it completely or allow it to consume you, try to give it a name that evokes a little love.

For example, if you’re feeling angry, you may notice that “Angry Sally” is present.

Or you can give it a name like “Little Fred.”

This will help you separate yourself from the emotion while also encouraging you to deal with it from a place of sweetness.

See if you can find a location in the body where the emotion is present.

You may feel tightness in the chest, a pit in the stomach, or tension in the shoulders.

How to Use This Emotional Release Meditation Script

This meditation to release emotions is suitable for those new to mindfulness meditation. As a guide, however, working with strong emotions is not recommended unless you have training in guiding others in meditation, including an understanding of how to be trauma-sensitive.

That said, meditations in which we work specifically with challenges or hardships may best be practiced one-on-one or in live group settings. This allows guides to see and be aware of potential adverse reactions in their students. It also allows students a sense of safety and an opportunity to ask questions of the guide.

When sharing this emotional release meditation script with others, observe how it feels in your own body. Edit as needed to keep it authentic and in alignment with what you sense to feel safe, supportive and true.


With a mindful perspective, we see that we are not our emotions, nor do we have to react to them. Instead, we can allow ourselves to feel what we feel, observing as the emotion changes. Experiencing strong emotions is part of being human. However, with meditation, emotional release is possible, and we need not be consumed by what we feel.

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