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February 13, 2024

Mindfulness of breathing helps ground us in the present moment. We can watch the breath as it moves through a single, small point, such as the tip of the nose. We can feel the rise and fall of the chest. In this guided meditation script, we sense the breath through the body as a whole, imagining the whole body breathing. 

According to neuroscientist and meditation teacher Rick Hanson, when we sense the body as a whole, we activate areas of the brain that tend to support mindful presence. In our meditation practice, there’s no need to focus tightly on a single, small space. Such concentration practices can be useful, but we can also practice a more holistic awareness. 

This mindfulness meditation script is suitable for beginners. The brief practice guides awareness to the body and breath, for a mindful experience of whole body breathing. 

  • Practice Time: < 5 minutes
  • Purpose: Cultivate Mindful Presence
  • May Help With: Body Awareness, Breath Awareness, Relaxation 
  • Practice Level: Beginner
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Here’s a Sample of the “Whole Body Breathing For Mindful Presence” Guided Meditation Script:

Let's begin by taking a moment to allow your body
to settle into a comfortable position.

You may close your eyes or keep them slightly open allowing the spine to lift (2 seconds),
the shoulders to soften (2 seconds).

Today we will practice whole body breathing.

Adjust yourself so you're sitting in a way
that feels upright and balanced.

Both alert and relaxed (2 seconds).
Begin by taking a full breath in (2 seconds)
and a long breath out (5 seconds).

Noticing the breath, allowing it to move your body as you inhale (2 seconds)
and as you exhale (2 seconds).

whole body breathing meditation, Whole Body Breathing For Mindful Presence

Recognizing there is no need to do anything in particular,
no need to control the breath, we’re just allowing.

And as you breathe in,
imagine that your whole body is breathing in.

And as you breathe out,
imagine that the whole body is breathing out.

The whole body filling with breath as you breathe in.
The whole body releasing as you breathe out (5 seconds).
Let’s continue breathing like this for a few breaths (10 seconds).

If you find yourself feeling scattered or distracted,
coming back to the feeling of full body breathing.

How to Use This Whole Body Breathing Meditation Script

This whole body breathing meditation script can be used to inspire your personal practice or you can use it to guide others. Mindfulness of breathing is a practice that works well in either group or one-on-one settings. You can teach this practice live or use the script to record an audio or video meditation.

Before sharing this meditation script with others, familiarize yourself with the practice. You may want to read the script word for word or edit the script so it’s more authentically you. This script includes suggestions for integrating the practice into daily life and leading a brief inquiry. 

Anytime you’re guiding others in mindfulness of the breath, it’s important to emphasize there’s no right way to breathe during meditation. Participants should feel empowered to breathe in a way that feels easy, natural and supportive.


There are infinite ways to practice mindfulness of breath. In this whole body breathing guided meditation script, listeners are invited to experience the breath as expansive and holistic. Bringing open awareness to our breathing can help the mind feel spacious. Explore the practice yourself to see if that feels true for you.

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