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Mental Relaxation For Sleep

Mental Relaxation for Sleep. This meditation script is designed specifically for sleep. Through its direction, listeners are invited to develop a new relationship to racing thoughts. By gaining a broader perspective on those thoughts and feelings that flow through us, we initiate a deep sense of relaxation within the body.

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Here’s A Sample Of The “Mental Relaxation For Sleep” Guided Meditation Script:

[To be read is a melodic and slow way of speaking]
[ “….” = 3 second pauses]

Perhaps sometimes you may wish that there was an off-button for your mind.
[pause 4 seconds]

An overly busy mind can halt us in many ways throughout our lives….and one of the main things a busy minds interrupts, for millions of people around the world, is a good night’s sleep, every single night.
[pause 4 seconds]

Why is this so?
To answer this, let’s relax your mind just a little bit right now..
[pause 4 seconds]

Imagine that your mind is represented by a river, with waters that sometimes flow by slowly when there is a lack of rain, or sometimes very quickly.
Depending on the weather…and the time of year.
[pause 4 seconds]

Your mind is the river.
Your thoughts are the water.
[pause 4 seconds]

Mental Relaxation For Sleep

How quickly is your river of the mind flowing right now?
How fast are the thoughts, represented by water, flowing in the river?
[pause 4 seconds]

Just watch this flow as if you are sitting on the riverbank, enjoying it.
[pause 4 seconds]

[pause 4 seconds]

Now just allow for the seasons to pass and the weather to change and watch your river change along with it.
[pause 4 seconds]

The seasons represent your overall happiness in your life….

Are you achieving quarterly goals you set for yourself?....

Seasons change but each one of them can be viewed as beautiful….

Seasons can be tough, or they can be mild and enjoyable.
[pause 4 seconds]

The waters of the river represent your thoughts….

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