, Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Course

Teach Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness with Care, Skill, and Confidence

A 15-Hour Internationally Accredited Certification Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Course for Mindfulness & Meditation Teachers

Teach Safely with Our Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Course

In this self-paced online course, the world’s leading experts on trauma-sensitive mindfulness will help you:

, Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Course

Upgrade your skills and tools to skillfully prepare for the potential of traumatic stress and learn how to respond appropriately.

, Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Course

Heal without doing harm. Become a source of supportive healing with a trauma-sensitive approach to guiding meditations.

, Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Course

Keep your meditations safe. Learn how to recognize trauma, prevent re-traumatization and keep them from overwhelm.

Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Course by Sean Fargo

, Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Course

Hello, I'm Sean Fargo.

As a mindfulness and meditation teacher, I've dedicated my career to helping others cultivate inner peace and resilience through mindfulness practices. It's crucial to recognize that while mindfulness offers numerous benefits, it can also present unique challenges for those who have experienced trauma.

Consider the prevalence of trauma: Research indicates that 90% of us will experience a traumatic event in our lifetime, with many suffering from significant aftereffects. At the same time, mindfulness practices are becoming increasingly widespread—from digital meditation platforms to mindfulness programs in schools.

This overlap means that in any setting where mindfulness is practiced, there's a likelihood that someone is grappling with trauma. Addressing this isn't straightforward; while mindfulness can aid trauma recovery, it can also intensify trauma symptoms if not approached with care.

As facilitators of mindfulness, we bear the responsibility to understand trauma, prevent retraumatization, and ensure a safe practice environment for everyone. Beyond merely recognizing trauma, we have the opportunity to equip people with transformative skills that support their journey toward healing.

My commitment is to provide you with the tools and training necessary to navigate these complexities effectively. I offer specialized courses designed to deepen your understanding and proficiency in integrating trauma-sensitive principles into your mindfulness practice.

Thank you for joining me in this important work. Your commitment to mindfulness and your dedication to supporting others are invaluable.

Warm regards,

, Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Course

How Mindfulness Can Help With Trauma Sensitivity?

Mindfulness, the practice of present-moment awareness and acceptance, is often touted as a panacea for various psychological ailments, including trauma. Yet, there exists a significant paradox in its application: while mindfulness can catalyze healing from trauma, it can also inadvertently exacerbate symptoms of trauma, making the role of trauma-sensitive mindfulness practitioners critical.

, Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Course

Healing through Mindfulness:

Mindfulness encourages individuals to attune to the present moment, cultivating a nonjudgmental awareness of their thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations. For trauma survivors, this can be profoundly beneficial. It can help break the cycle of rumination and anxiety by redirecting focus from past distressing events or worries about the future to the here and now. This redirection can decrease the symptoms of trauma, such as hypervigilance and intrusive thoughts, by fostering a sense of calm and control.

, Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Course

The Risks of Mindfulness for Trauma Survivors:

However, the very act of tuning into one’s immediate experiences can pose risks for those with traumatic backgrounds. Mindfulness involves a heightened awareness of internal states, which can lead trauma survivors to confront unsettling memories, emotions, and physical sensations that arise during practice. Without proper guidance, this confrontation can lead to overwhelming distress, emotional dysregulation, and even retraumatization. The practice meant to anchor them safely in the present can inadvertently pull them back into traumatic past experiences.

Why Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness is Important

The delicate balance between the healing and potentially harmful aspects of mindfulness underscores the need for trauma-sensitive mindfulness teachers. Our trainings will help you to recognize the signs of trauma and understand its complex impacts on the body and mind. 

You will be equipped with strategies to modify mindfulness practices in ways that minimize the risk of retraumatization. For instance, you might introduce grounding techniques before initiating mindfulness exercises, offer shorter meditation sessions, or provide more active coping strategies alongside mindfulness.

, Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Course

Trauma-sensitive mindfulness teachers also emphasize choice, empowerment, and safety—key elements that can help trauma survivors feel secure during mindfulness exercises. You can help survivors learn how to gently disengage from distressing thoughts or sensations that become too intense and how to gradually build their tolerance to emotional discomfort in a controlled, supportive environment.

The paradox of mindfulness as both a healer and a potential trigger for trauma underscores the complex nature of psychological recovery processes. That’s why trainings like this are crucial. This specialized approach not only ensures that mindfulness practices are conducted safely but also maximizes their therapeutic potential, offering trauma survivors a valuable tool for recovery and resilience. 

About the Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Course

Our 15-Hour Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Course is a self-paced, on-demand program for those who already share the power and practice of mindfulness with others. It teaches the foundations of trauma-sensitive mindfulness and is designed to enhance your competence, skill, and confidence in navigating the presence of trauma if or when it arises in your students.

You’ll gain instant access to all course materials, which includes video masterclasses from world-renowned mindfulness experts, a comprehensive workbook with teachings and reflection questions, and three trauma-sensitive mindfulness scripts to inspire your teachings.

Upon successful completion of course requirements, you have the opportunity to receive a Certificate of Completion, which is internationally accredited by two reputable accrediting bodies (IMMA & CPD).

Through this trauma sensitive mindfulness course, you will:

  • Develop a strong understanding of what trauma-sensitive mindfulness is and isn’t
  • Deepen your understanding of the importance of trauma sensitivity
  • Gain practical teaching tools to make your teachings sensitive to the realities of trauma
  • Enhance your understanding of hypoarousal, hyperarousal, and the window of tolerance
  • Learn how to empower your students to make their practice well-suited for their needs
  • Strengthen your awareness of meditation-related adverse effects
  • Explore self-compassion in the context of trauma
  • Gain experience leading trauma-sensitive meditations for others
  • Develop your confidence, skills, and competence to teach mindfulness in ways that empower, support, and nurture

To obtain your Certificate of Completion, you will need to successfully complete the course requirements, which entails watching and/or listening to all lessons, completing your student workbook in full, and teaching six trauma-sensitive meditation sessions to people within your community or other networks. As evidence of these teachings, you will be prompted to fill out six self-assessment forms, which are included in the course workbook.

We will promptly review your work upon submission and assess it to ensure your understanding of the fundamentals of trauma-sensitive mindfulness. If we believe there are concepts you need to review, we will work with you to bolster your understanding of trauma-sensitive mindfulness teaching. If we do not issue your certificate after your first submission, you can re-submit based on our feedback. We’re here to support you and want to see your success with the course.

, Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Course

This Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness Course is for you, if….

You’re a mindfulness teacher who feels any of the following:

, Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Course

You feel unequipped to manage meditation-related adverse effects if one were to arise during a session with students

, Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Course

You have a hard time being present with "negative" energy (if, or when, a student presents it)

, Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Course

You’re concerned about using the right language and word choice when teaching mindfulness and meditation

, Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Course

You lack proper training in trauma-informed mindfulness

, Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Course

You feel like you’re walking on eggshells when teaching, afraid to trigger a participant’s past trauma

, Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Course

You struggle to find a balance between encouraging courage and being sensitive towards your students’ windows of tolerance

Limited spaces available

Why Do You Need This Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Course

Mindfulness can heal, but untrained mindfulness teachers can also make people feel overwhelmed and re-triggered.

Without the proper training, mindfulness can actually make symptoms of trauma worse – sometimes with flashbacks, dissociation, and re-traumatization.

By equipping yourself with this trauma sensitivity training, you can help others feel safe as they reap the rewards of mindfulness.

, Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Course

Get world-class training and internationally accredited certification

, Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Course

A Comprehensive Workbook walking you through the video trainings, helping you articulate the teachings in your own words.

, Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Course

Video Masterclasses from renowned mindfulness experts David Treleaven, Willoughby Britton, Chris Germer & Sean Fargo.

, Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Course

Three trauma-sensitive mindfulness scripts to inspire your own guided meditations

, Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Course

Practical tools to help your students resource themselves and find balance in their mindfulness journey

, Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Course

International accreditation with 2 reputable organizations (IMMA & CPD)

, Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Course

A Certificate of Completion - “15-hour Foundations of Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness”

Certify at your own pace

with six online modules

An Introduction to Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness

Gain a foundational understanding of trauma-sensitivity vs. trauma focus, learn the double-edged sword of mindfulness, and discover the 4 Rs of trauma-sensitive mindfulness.

Identifying and Managing the Adverse Effects of Mindfulness Meditation

Discover symptoms of traumatic stress, flashbacks, and dissociation in your students and clients during mindfulness and the powerful, proven ways to manage risks and modify treatment.

Self-Compassion & Trauma

Enhance people’s resiliency, self-compassion, and sense of agency while immersing yourself in the intersections between self-compassion and trauma. 

Recognizing Trauma and Deepening Your TSM Skills: An Integration Session with Sean Fargo and David Treleaven

Learn about hypoarousal, hyperarousal, and the window of tolerance before listening to an integration conversation between Sean Fargo and David Treleaven to help you reflect on your trauma-sensitive mindfulness teaching journey, highlighting potential next steps.

Additional Considerations for Trauma-Sensitive Teaching

Here you’ll gain advanced skills and mindfulness tools to help people on their path of trauma recovery, including evidence-based interventions you can apply to help keep students safe.

Preparing to Guide Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Practices

In our final module, you’ll discover why trauma-sensitive scripts won’t guarantee a trauma-sensitive practice – and how to overcome challenges like these to create a safer space for trauma survivors.

Meet Your Teachers

, Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Course
, Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Course

Sean Fargo

As a former Buddhist monk of two years and Certified Instructor the mindfulness program born at Google), Sean blends a combination of depth and practicality to his mindfulness and meditation teachings. For 2 years, he worked full-time teaching mindfulness to thousands of healthcare patients across the United States struggling with chronic pain, depression and addition, navigating meditations with trauma-sensitivity using the principles in this course.

, Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Course
, Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Course

David Treleavan

David Treleaven, PhD, is a writer and educator working at the intersection of mindfulness and trauma. He is the author of the acclaimed book Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness and founder of the Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness (TSM) Community — a group committed to setting a standard of care within mindfulness-based practices, interventions, and programs. 

, Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Course
, Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Course

Willoughby Britton

Dr. Willoughby Britton is a neuroscientist at Brown University and a world-renowned expert on the adverse effects of meditation. Dr. Britton offers meditation safety and trauma-informed mindfulness "First Do No Harm" trainings to mindfulness organizations, clinicians and educators and provides support services to individuals who are experiencing meditation-related difficulties.

, Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Course
, Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Course

Chris Germer

Chris Germer, PhD is a clinical psychologist and lecturer on psychiatry (part-time) at Harvard Medical School. He co-developed the Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) program with Kristin Neff in 2010 and MSC has since been taught to over 250,000 people worldwide. They co-authored two books on MSC, The Mindful Self-Compassion Workbook and Teaching the Mindful Self-Compassion Program.

Internationally Accredited By The IMMA & CPD

IMMA is an International association that supports meditation teachers, mindfulness trainers and teachers, forest bathing and nature connection guides.

It's an association run by meditation teachers, mindfulness trainers and nature connection guides for people working in this industry.

They not associated with any religion or one spiritual path.

IMMA aims to set and maintain standards of accreditation based on knowledge, experience and/or education. As an organization, they aim to embody the values of compassion, acceptance, inclusiveness and gratitude.

, Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Course

The CPD Certification Service is the world's leading and largest CPD accreditation service, with over 25 years' experience supporting accredited CPD training providers across industry sectors.

Accredited CPD training means our program has reached the required Continuing Professional Development standards and benchmarks. The learning value has been scrutinized to ensure integrity and quality.

The CPD Certification Service provides recognized independent CPD accreditation compatible with global CPD requirements.

, Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Course

What World-Renowned Experts on Trauma Are Saying

, Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Course
, Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Course

Sharon Salzberg

World-Renowned Mindfulness Meditation Teacher

, Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Course

I was always grateful to work with Sean Fargo when he was at Spirit Rock Meditation Center. I find him an unusual combination of great emotional intelligence and the diligence and perseverance to get any job done. His caring and kindness are exemplary, as is his clarity and awareness.

, Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Course

Dr. Gabor Maté

M.D., Author, The Myth of Normal: Trauma, Illness and Healing in a Toxic Culture

, Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Course

Having collaborated with Sean Fargo, I can attest that he is a visionary who brings scope, insight and compassion to his teaching and support of others on the path of meditation. Along with many, I, too, have personally witnessed his unstinting kindness.

, Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Course
, Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Course

Jack Kornfield

Bestselling Author and Founder of Spirit Rock Meditation Center

, Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Course

Sean is a wonderful teacher, well practiced in the teachings of mindfulness and compassion, dedicated and thoughtful.

, Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Course

Christopher Germer

Founder of the Mindful Self-Compassion Program

, Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Course

It is a privilege to contribute to Sean Fargo's mindfulness teacher certification program. The warm and inviting atmosphere of the classes nourishes and reflects everything that is taught. This is mindfulness training in the truest sense.

Alicia P., USA

“I felt unsure how to support students experiencing trauma during guided meditations. Now I know the right things to say when symptoms present themselves to make them feel safe.”

Get Credibility With Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Course

, Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Course

Increased Confidence

Feel confident knowing that you have a foundational awareness of trauma along with tools to address it during mindfulness practice.

, Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Course

Professional Growth

Enhance your career opportunities by adding a trauma-sensitive mindfulness course to your credentials.

, Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Course

Enhanced Competency

Gain the skills and confidence to teach mindfulness practices with sensitivity towards trauma-related dynamics, making you a more effective mindfulness teacher.

, Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Course

Emotional Resilience

Strengthen your own emotional resilience, enabling yourself to navigate challenging teaching moments with greater ease.

, Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Course

Certified Credibility

Position yourself as a trusted and knowledgeable mindfulness teacher with a deep care for both your students and mindfulness practice itself.

, Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Course

Increased Self-Awareness

Gain a deeper understanding of your own relationship to trauma so that you can grow not just professionally but personally.

Judy H., UK

“This training has made me feel much more equipped to support
trauma survivors experiencing distress during mindfulness.”

, Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Course
, Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Course

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, Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Course

What our students say about our Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness Course

, Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Course

“Sean is very compassionate. His mindfulness based exercises have taught me how to become aware, living from a place of heart centered compassion.”

Rita H.

“Both Sean and Mindfulness Exercises have been amazing guides in my mindfulness teaching. I recommend this to anyone who either wants to learn more about mindfulness as a practitioner, or as a teacher.”


“Great program! This program has been helpful in my healing sessions with clients. I love the helpful guides that come with the meditations.”


“Sean Fargo is a great professional, teacher and mentor. I received my mindfulness training from him through mindfulnessexercises.com. His training allowed me to feel comfortable and confident leading mindfulness meditations right away. Sean is a heart centered, kind and compassionate soul. I am proud to be a part of his mindfulness community.”

Monica T.

“Sean Fargo is an authentic, accessible yet powerful mindfulness mentor. He is genuine and cares about his clients and their success. His programming is superior and necessary in these critical times. Mindfulness Exercises and Sean’s exquisite questioning and coaching style has changed my life and the life of my business for the better. This means more people reached and better delivery of my services to those in need. Forever grateful for Sean Fargo & Mindfulness Exercises!”

Amy D.

“Mindfulness Exercises has changed my life! It became my daily dose of positivity and my day is not complete without visiting the site. All the resources they offer whether free or paid are extremely helpful.”

Marichu C.


When does the trauma-sensitive mindfulness course start, and what is its duration?

The program is on-demand and self-paced, so you can get started as soon as you register. It is designated as a 15-hour course, but please note that the time it takes to complete this course will vary from person to person. Generally speaking, it may take about 15-20 hours to complete all required watching, reading, reflecting, and teaching.

As a trained therapist with years of experience in teaching mindfulness to my clients without a certification in mindfulness, am I eligible to enroll in the trauma-sensitive mindfulness course?

While this course is designed for people who are already trained to teach mindfulness, we understand that people have taken different pathways into this field. If you have experience and/or alternative training that qualifies you to teach mindfulness to others, we would love for you to join the program.

Please note that this course is not a comprehensive mindfulness teacher training course. If that is what you’re looking for, consider our Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Course.

Will this trauma-sensitive mindfulness program equip me to better facilitate trauma healing in my clients?

While mindfulness meditation has helped many people to transform and grow, this course is not intended to treat, diagnose, heal, or cure any trauma or mental or physical illness or condition. It is designed to help you be trauma-sensitive - not trauma-focused, a distinction we’ll explore in the course.

I am currently navigating through my own trauma. Is it advisable for me to engage in helping others with their trauma through trauma-sensitive mindfulness?

We are each on a continuous, lifelong journey of growth and discovery. Your past experiences, how you practice relating to them, and how you are healing and growing through them can help you to model resilience, self-compassion and awareness for your students. As a mindfulness teacher, you should be mindful of your own limitations and continue to seek support when needed.

Upon completing the trauma-sensitive mindfulness course, how will I receive my Certificate of Completion?

Once you have completed the course requirements, you will send them to [email protected]. We will review your materials in a timely manner. If your submission aligns with our objectives and demonstrates a commitment to the principles of trauma-sensitive practices, you will receive your certification via email.

If, during the review process, we identify areas where your materials don’t yet fully meet our standards, don’t worry. We are here to support your growth and development and we’ll work with you to provide feedback and guidance. You can take this feedback and re-work your submission, sending it back to us for another review.

Once enrolled, what timeframe do I have to complete the trauma-sensitive mindfulness course?

You have the lifetime of the course to successfully complete the requirements for certification.

Are there any group discounts offered for multiple enrollees from the same organization in the trauma-sensitive mindfulness course?

If you are part of an organization that would like to certify multiple people, please contact us at [email protected] to discuss.

Can completing this trauma-sensitive mindfulness course qualify me for Continuing Education Units (CEUs)?

While our course is designed to provide valuable continuing education in the field of mindfulness meditation teaching, it’s important to note that we do not offer official Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

We encourage you to check with your relevant professional organizations or licensing boards to determine if our course can be considered as part of your ongoing professional development or if it meets any specific CEU requirements you may have.

Our primary goal is to provide you with comprehensive, high-quality training that supports your mindfulness meditation teaching journey.

Does this trauma-sensitive mindfulness course incorporate findings from trauma research?

Yes. Our course dives into some of the most recent trauma research related to the fields of mindfulness and meditation. We offer you expert insights and in-depth research to create a well-informed and evidence-based learning experience.

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, Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Course
, Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Course

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