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February 10, 2024

Many of us have a tendency towards perfectionism. We often chase unrealistic expectations for ourselves and struggle to accept the fullness of our humanity. Even when we try to be kind towards and accepting of ourselves, it’s not always easy.

This intention meditation script serves as a reminder that intention comes first. It reminds us that to be self-compassionate, we must first be well-rooted in our intention for self-compassion. This meditation may increase your capacity for self-compassion and self-acceptance.

You can use this intention setting meditation script in your personal practice or when guiding others. May it lay the foundation for a gentle and loving relationship with oneself - for your and/or your clients.

  • Practice Time: Approx. 15 minutes
  • Purpose: Self-Compassion
  • May Help With: Acceptance, Kindness, Patience
  • Practice Level: Intermediate
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Here’s a Sample of the “An Intention Meditation Script for Self-Compassion” Guided Meditation Script:

Many of us have a tendency towards perfectionism.

Even in meditation, we try to “get it right”. We might be hard on ourselves for not having the experience or reaching the outcome that we think we should be having.

Something to remember when it comes to meditation is this: far more important than outcome is our intention. Having the intention to be present with what is, and with what we are experiencing in the moment, is how we unlock the ease to be discovered in meditation.

We will always get distracted. We will always have days when it’s much harder to not fall asleep. We will also have days when it’s very difficult to be kind to ourselves. That’s why intention is so important in self-compassion meditation. Even when self-kindness does not come naturally or easily, our intention provides us with a foundation.

This practice can be used on its own or as an introductory meditation to another self-compassion meditation or exercise.

intention meditation script, An Intention Meditation Script for Self-Compassion

So, if you can, sit upright with a long back, comfortably in a chair or on the floor. Lying down is perfectly okay too if this feels like what your body needs.

If it feels right, close your eyes for this practice. If it doesn’t, you can allow your gaze to be soft with a downward focus.

Take a long, slow, deep breath in through your nose… and allow your body to release an exhale through your mouth.

One more time, and with the exhale, see if you can notice anywhere in your body where you might be contracting… and allow those places to melt as feels comfortable and safe.

One more deep breath, as if you were breathing into your heart, your stomach and all the way to your legs… and then release as you exhale.

How to Use the Intention Meditation Script for Self Compassion

This is a versatile practice that can be used as a standalone meditation or as an introduction to further self-compassion practice. Consider the following ideas for incorporating it into your personal or professional work:

  • Host a full-day workshop on self-compassion and use this practice to lay the foundation.
  • Use this intention setting meditation script in your personal practice by recording it for yourself.
  • Record this meditation and share it on your social media channels or website.
  • Lead this script in one-to-one sessions with clients interested in growing their sense of self-compassion.


Everything begins with an intention, which is why intention is so important in cultivating self-compassion. This intention meditation script lays the foundation for us to build a strong, loving relationship with ourselves. May it be read with care and kindness - whether you’re guiding yourself or supporting others.

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