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February 9, 2024

Working with emotions in meditation is potentially anxiety-provoking. This safe place meditation can lessen that anxiety by helping listeners connect to a feeling of support and safety. Sensing this security in meditation also helps us develop a felt connection to safety in our everyday lives. 

With this safe space visualization script, participants can choose to work with any space in which they feel safest. This can be a real or imagined place. Once the feeling of safety is established, they are then invited to practice mindful presence with a variety of emotions.  

Sensing emotions in the body, and familiarizing ourselves with how they feel and change, is an essential technique for developing emotional intelligence. When we are emotionally wise, we learn to acknowledge our emotions without identifying with them. We see that emotions come and go and we have a choice in how we respond to them. With mindfulness, we can choose a compassionate response that serves both us and others. 

  • Practice Time: <15 minutes
  • Purpose: Increasing Emotional Intelligence
  • May Help With: Relaxation, Calm, Confidence
  • Practice Level: Beginner
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Here’s a Sample of the “A Safe Place Meditation For Mindfulness Of Emotions” Guided Meditation Script:

Find yourself in a comfortable position,
either sitting or lying down and make sure you will not be disturbed.

Begin by relaxing your body and focusing on your breath.

Take a nice, full deep breath in...and exhale out.

Let your belly rise and fall with each breath,
no need to do anything at all, just breathe.


Think now of a place where you feel safe.

It could be anywhere you like such as the beach, or in your own room.

Sometimes I imagine being in the womb, safe and warm.

Picture all the details of this place, like colors, smells and any sensations.

The more detail, the better.

Vividly see the all the colors being bright and shimmering….


safe place meditation, A Safe Place Meditation For Mindfulness Of Emotions

Take another deep breath in through your nose and imagine that you can sense the smells around you in this safe and wonderful place.

Feel the sensations of safety in your body…..how does it feel?

Notice how your chest and belly feel right now, and feel all the sensations throughout your body.

Do your legs feel relaxed?

They have absolutely no where to take you right now, so they are very relaxed.

Make some small movements with your head and feel the sensations in your neck.

Perhaps your body feels lighter or maybe heavier, just notice all of the sensations in your body right now and take note of how this state feels….good.

We will start an exercise where we notice all the different emotions that we have, and feel where and in which part of our body we have them.

How to Use This Safe Place Meditation Script

Enhance the sense of support offered by this safe space meditation script by encouraging your participants to practice in a physical space where they indeed feel safe. You can further help establish a sense of safety by reminding people they can meditate with their eyes open or closed. It’s also a good idea to remind participants that although you are guiding them, they have agency over their practice and can always press pause if and when they need to. 

This safe space visualization script can be guided in person or online, to groups or individuals. You may choose to guide your participants live or pre-record an audio or video meditation. As you read through the script, balance guidance with quiet space, offering participants time to visualize what the script is suggesting.


Meditation is a powerful tool for improving our emotional vocabulary and our ability to allow for the fullness of our human emotional experience. It’s not always easy, however, to practice mindfulness of emotions. It can sometimes feel scary and unsafe. Use this safe place script to help participants connect to a sense of support and stability, before inviting them to connect to their ever-changing emotions.

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