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February 23, 2024

Mindfulness is often described as non-judgmental awareness. And yet, as we bring mindfulness to our experience, we become aware of how quick we are to judge! It seems impossible to let go of labeling our likes and dislikes. In this non-judgment meditation script, we refrain from judging our judgments by practicing noting if and when they arise.

It’s part of being human to label our experiences as pleasant or unpleasant, good or bad. In and of itself, there is nothing wrong with this labeling. What creates suffering is our tendency to then attach to the good, while suppressing or avoiding what we think of as bad. 

Non-judgmental noting can help us recognize when we apply judgments, but more importantly, how we react to those judgments. In this guided meditation on non-judging, we use noting to soften our reactivity. As we open to this moment, just as it is, we sense more ease and clarity. 

  • Practice Time: < 10 minutes
  • Purpose: Cultivating Equanimity
  • May Help With: Non-Reactivity, Emotional Intelligence, Presence
  • Practice Level: Beginner
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Here’s a Sample of the “Noting to Develop Non-Judgment Meditation Script” Guided Meditation Script:

The practice of noting is a foundational aspect of mindfulness.

Popular in MBSR and insight meditation, noting allows us to clearly observe what is happening without getting hooked into the experience.

This “nonjudgmental noting” exercise will help you practice separating your judgment of your experiences from the experiences themselves.

When you begin to untangle the two, you start training your mind to let go.

Sit in an upright position and let the eyes close.

Using the breath, invite both awareness and relaxation into the body and mind.

Breathing in, reach the spine upward and bring energy into the body.

Breathing out, let everything go.

non judgment meditation script, Noting to Develop Non-Judgment Meditation Script

Let the jaw go slack, drop the shoulders away from the ears, and soften the muscles of the belly.

Start opening your awareness to include any sensations in the body.

Mindfully observe that feeling for a few moments;

then open yourself up to other experiences in the body.

After settling into this practice for a few minutes, notice when the mind begins judging.

The mind may label some experiences or feelings as good or right, and others as bad or wrong.

Don’t encourage or discourage these judgments;

just notice them when they come up.

How to Use This Non-Judgment Meditation Script

Non-judgmental noting is a common style of mindfulness meditation practice. This non-judgment meditation script introduces the practice of noting in an accessible manner that is suitable for beginners. 

You may choose to read this script word for word, or to edit the text so it better fits your voice or your audience. Guide others live, either online or in person, or use this script to record an audio or video meditation. This guided meditation script can be used for group or individual practice.

When working with judgments, it’s important to understand that judging is a natural human trait. Recognizing what feels good versus dangerous, for example, is necessary for our survival. The goal of the practice is not to rid ourselves of such judgments, but to become aware of them as they arise. With awareness, we can choose a skillful, mindful response versus habitual reaction. 


The practice of noting is foundational to mindfulness. Noting when we’re judging an experience as liked or disliked, good or bad, helps us to create more distance between our felt experience and our reaction to it. In that space, we can choose to respond to our experience in a way that minimizes suffering for both ourselves, and others. 

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