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February 28, 2024

Addiction comes in many forms and takes hold of our lives to varying degrees. Breaking free from addiction can feel like an uphill battle, and so the journey towards recovery requires support. 

One form of support is guided meditation for addiction. Though meditation (and the resources offered here) are not intended as a treatment or cure for addiction, they can help strengthen our resolve and resilience.

This guided meditation script may help to increase self-awareness around addiction, as well as a sense of strength, wisdom, and resilience. May it support you on your journey as a complement to the work you do with trained addiction professionals.

  • Practice Time: Approx. 20 minutes
  • Purpose: Addiction Support
  • May Help With: Self-Awareness, Strength
  • Practice Level: Intermediate-Advanced
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Here’s a Sample of the “Guided Meditation for Addiction” Guided Meditation Script:

Welcome. Addiction Comes in many forms, and although it is different for everyone it is also difficult for everyone.

Lets begin by taking 5 big deep breaths together. Breathing in, expanding your belly as wide as you can and exhaling any tension in your body. Breathe in relaxation, exhale judgement.

(5 Breaths together)Take another deep breath and listen closely to this very important message. Even though hypnosis and meditation are powerful tools in overcoming challenges and facilitating change, it is up to you to help yourself and ask others for help during this powerful process.

It will be up to you to set a schedule, keep your rehabilitation on track, mark your milestones and maintain sobriety. So let’s begin Find a very comfortable position and make sure you will not be disturbed.

[senses scan] It is critical to know the root cause of your addiction, so as you breathe and relax, your conscious mind will let go even further and the subconscious mind will be allowed to fully receive these positive affirmations.


I will overcome addiction safely.


I will work slowly toward this wonderful change.


I take my time and have compassion during hard times.


Its easy for me to always keep the goal of recovery from addiction in my thoughts throughout the day.


guided meditation for addiction, Guided Meditation for Addiction

I know that I have the power and the love within my heart to break free from this addiction and become who I truly am.


Subconscious, please help me fully understand the root cause of my addiction.


I know that I gain great relief by letting go of addiction.


I understand that withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous therefore I allow others to care for me in order to let my body and mind recover.


Good. So now that you have relaxed so well, take a moment to listen to any messages that you may need that will help you towards your goal. In times of intense temptations, it’s our solid relationships carry us through the storm. It is your responsibility now to ask these individuals to help you when you need it, and it is vital that you do so.

How to Use the Guided Meditation for Addiction Script

This free guided meditation for addiction can be a helpful tool on your journey towards recovery. If you are a trained addiction healthcare professional, you may use it to support your clients. Consider the following ideas for using this script:

  • Read through the script and incorporate the affirmations that feel most inspiring to you into your daily life.
  • Record yourself reading the script, modifying it as feels right to you, and play it back for self-care.
  • If you’re trained to support others with addiction recovery, use this script with your clients, modifying as you see fit.

It is important to remember that this meditation script, and all meditation scripts offered by Mindfulness Exercises, are not a substitute for professional treatment or healthcare. They may be a supportive tool on the journey towards recovery, but they should always be used with care and in conjunction with professional addiction support.


Despite the toll that addiction can have on our lives, humans carry a remarkable ability to change and grow. The road to recovery is possible, and as we move along it, support is certainly required. May this free guided meditation for addiction serve to uplift you on your journey of growth and transformation.

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