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February 13, 2024

We experience so much pain, negativity and suffering through the human body, particularly in the form of self-criticism. But our bodies are also central to our healing. In this self-compassion meditation script, we use the body to let go of the habit of self-judgment. 

A large part of the work of mindfulness is to replace habitual patterns with new, kinder and more mindful behaviors. Many of us have a pattern of relating to the body with self-judgment and harsh criticism. What if instead, we acknowledged each part of the body with gratitude, appreciating all the ways our body serves and supports us? 

Traditionally, a body scan meditation brings mindfulness to what’s felt in the body, beginning at the toes and traveling to the head. In this self-compassion body scan, we mindfully recognize each part of our body as a source of loving care. By cultivating kindness towards our physical being, we open to compassion for our whole self. 

  • Practice Time: < 15 minutes
  • Purpose: Cultivate Self-Compassion
  • May Help With: Body Awareness, Body Acceptance, Relaxation 
  • Practice Level: Intermediate
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Here’s a Sample of the “A Loving Body Scan Self-Compassion Meditation Script” Guided Meditation Script:

Hello, and welcome to this self-compassionate journey through the body. This is a meditation that will guide us through the physical body one area at a time while cultivating kindness towards our physical being.

Before we begin, please note that even though our intention is to cultivate compassion towards the body, you may notice that unkind thoughts arise. Many of us have a difficult relationship with certain parts of our body, and so whatever arises is natural. This is something we will work with as part of this practice.

For example, as you pay attention to your feet, you might find yourself thinking,

“My feet are sore. I don’t take good enough care of my body.”


“I wish my feet were different.”

If a thought like this arises, see if you can simply label it as a thought—that is, not an absolute truth—and return your attention to the present moment, in which you are focusing on your feet. 

self-compassion meditation script, A Loving Body Scan Self-Compassion Meditation Script

Another experience you might have is to find yourself being self-critical due to any unkindness or judgment that might come up.

This could sound something like, “I don’t take good enough care of my body… and here I go being hard on myself again. I just can’t get it right!”

Once again, notice this as just a thought as you tune into your experience with gentleness and curiosity.


So, take a moment to settle into a comfortable, alert posture. This meditation can be done sitting up or lying down.

Whatever position you’re in, start by noticing the surface beneath you, allowing the ground to support you. You can also let your eyes close if that feels comfortable for you.

How to Use This Self-Compassion Meditation Script

This self-compassion body scan may be best practiced lying down, as body scans typically are. However, it can also be done seated or even standing. When practicing any mindfulness body scan, it helps to be reminded that we do so not to feel any particular way, but to practice being present with what it is we do feel.

Offering self-compassion to each part of our body is a wonderfully loving practice. It may also be challenging. We could feel resistance to the practice, or begin to feel badly about how we have treated our body in the past. If discomfort arises in your practice, do your best to tend to this too, with an open and loving curiosity. 

This self-compassion meditation script can be used in one-on-one or group settings, either in person or online. You might also use it to make an audio or video recording that practitioners can listen to on their own.  


Self-compassion is the act of offering ourselves the same loving-kindness in a moment of suffering that we would give to our closest loved ones. Use this self-compassion meditation script to cultivate a new, more loving relationship with your body. Replace the habit of self-criticism with appreciation for the good.

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