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Manifestation Meditation

Manifestation Meditation. Contrary to popular belief, meditation is not about completely clearing your mind. We have a mind for a reason.

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This Manifesting Meditation will allow you to amplify your attracting power.

You will align yourself with the loving energy of the Universe so that you manifest the changes you desire.

This meditation is about 15 minutes long….

Practice it while sitting or lying down in a comfortable, quiet space.

Make yourself completely comfortable now and make sure that you will not be disturbed.

The ability to manifest lies within every one of us.

All it takes is learning simple techniques in mindfulness though things like meditation to awaken this power.

Contrary to popular belief, meditation is not about completely clearing your mind.

We have a mind for a reason.

Meditation is training your mind to perform exactly how we intend it to, instead of allowing the mind to drag us around.

The most helpful thing that all of us have access to at any time is our breath.

Our breath has been there since the moment we are born, and every day it is keeping you alive.

So, by honoring our breath, when we are ready to set intentions, creates a very powerful experience.

Begin by setting the intention to manifest the changes you desire.

Say to yourself now “I manifest the changes that I desire.”

Let’s honor our breath now, by taking 5 significant and dedicated breaths.

1 fully inhale….expanding your belly and chest as much as you can.

Holding it for a moment…(pause 3 seconds to hold)

And exhale….feeling a wave of relaxation sweep over you

2 inhale….filling the entire breathing system with fresh oxygen.

Hold it.

And exhale….noticing again that wave of relaxation gently sweeping over you

3 inhale….so deeply that you are brimming with air.

Taking a moment at the top to soaking in the life force we call oxygen.

And exhale….noticing your body relaxing in many areas, without any effort from you

4 fully inhale the life force, feeling these breaths purifying your entire body

Exhaling now, not trying to do anything at all.…simply notice how you are feeling

And 5, last one, a full and beautiful breath coming in.…hold it, feeling the goodness of this simple task

And exhale, allowing that wave of relaxation to again sweep over you.

Just take note of how you are feeling in this very moment.

Manifestation Meditation

You now have an abundance of oxygen.

This is how we were truly created to feel.

Breathing deeply and fully is an expression of self-compassion.

It unites us with Universal Love.

Let your breath be natural now, and notice how abundance feels.


This is your new tool that you use when you are ready to manifest the reality you desire.

When you are feeling any kind of lack of motivation, or negative inner talk, you immediately pause, and take 5 deep, purposeful, and powerful breaths….these breaths always allow for you…to relax.

Taking these conscious and dedicated breaths give you clarity and amplify your health.

So, the next time you catch yourself at a standstill, you must take these five healing breaths.


Manifesting is easy once you know the recipe.

All you need is 3 things: DESIRE, DEDICATION and TRUST.

DESIRE is the first ingredient in manifestation.

You must know what you want, and desire it so greatly, that you clearly see any path that you need to take to get there.

Knowing exactly what you are manifesting is very important.

The more details you can add to your desire, the better.

You write down your aspirations and goals, and you set an exact time that it will be accomplished.

When you set an exact date as to when your goals will be met, and write it down, the order is firmly given to your subconscious mind, and it is now taking action.

Take a moment to think about your dreams and aspirations…and see as many details as possible. (Pause for 10 seconds)

Good. (Pause)

DEDICATION is the second ingredient in manifestation.

Only you can put in the effort to take steps towards your desires, network with others, and motivate yourself to practice these meditation techniques every day.

You must dedicate time every single day to do something that takes you closer to gaining what you seek.

Only you can do this, no one else can be dedicated for you.

Manifestation starts with you!


And just notice how you feel (Pause for 10 seconds)

The last ingredient for manifestation is TRUST.

This is the easiest part because you simply let go…..and trust.

You completely let go of thinking too hard about the things you have to do to bring it all together, and have confidence that things always fall into place perfectly.

You must know with certainty that your goal is attainable, so have faith.

Take a few moments now to really trust in your desires becoming reality. (Pause for 10 seconds)

Notice how you are feeling right now. (Pause)

Now, say to yourself, “I know I can achieve my aspirations….

I deeply believe in myself…..I see clearly how my goals and aspirations are attained…….

I have a great desire to manifest my aspirations……

I put in daily dedication that is required of me…...

I always believe in myself……

I trust the loving energy of the universe.” (Pause for 10 seconds)


Visualizing is an extremely powerful way to manifest.

So, imagine now, that you have attained all that you desire……see yourself, vividly in your mind, having already achieved your goals……

Visualize, with great detail, yourself with your intentions fulfilled……notice what you look like, and who you are talking to….

The more details you can add, the better……..see the surroundings, such as where you are, places you go, and who is around……take several moments to vividly see yourself having manifested all that you wish. (Pause for 15 seconds)


This is changing your life for the better. (Pause)

So remember, honor your breath every single day by taking a moment to fully breathe in and out several times.

When you breathe deeply, you automatically relax, and being relaxed is the first step in being in control of your life and emotions.

Also, take these three words and remember them throughout your day: DESIRE, DEDICATION and TRUST.

Repeat them to yourself whenever you can.

Thank you, and good job today.


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