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Awareness of Each of the Five Senses

Awareness of each of the five senses is a guided meditation script that brings mindfulness to the senses. Practicing regularly heightens the senses further.






When you are in the throes of an overwhelming emotion, it can hook you in completely.

Mindfulness practice helps you notice when this happens.

When you do notice you are feeling overwhelmed, you can use this exercise to bring yourself back to the here and now.

It takes just a few minutes and extends an invitation to be present.

Leaving the eyes open, notice five things you can see.

You can say them out loud or silently in your head.

With each of the five sights, pause to take them in completely. 

Awareness of Each of the Five Senses

Next, notice four things you can feel in the body.

Note them out loud or in your head, and rest your attention with each sensation for a few deep breaths.

Name three things you can hear.

Try to choose three different sounds, not the same noise three times.

Note two things you can smell.

If you cannot seem to smell two things in this moment, feel free to move somewhere to smell something more closely.

Finally, find one thing you can taste.

It may be the leftover taste of a meal, your toothpaste, or just your breath.

If you cannot connect with one in the moment, note a taste you enjoy in general.


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