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February 15, 2024

When we slow down at the end of the day and get ready to climb into bed, it’s common to become more aware of our racing thoughts. In this bedtime guided meditation script, we bring mindfulness to the body to help settle the ruminating mind. 

By directing our attention to what’s felt by the body, we become more grounded in the present moment, the only thing that is real. With practice, we can sustain mindfulness of the body, resulting in a greater experience of stability and calm. A more still and quiet mind can fall asleep sooner, and sleep more soundly. 

This beginner-friendly guide meditation presents us with a mindfulness bedtime routine that anyone can use to close the day with more presence and ease. 

  • Practice Time: < 5 minutes
  • Purpose: Improving Sleep Quality and Quantity
  • May Help With: Mindfulness of the Body, Relaxation, Calm
  • Practice Level: Beginner
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Here’s a Sample of the “Bedtime Guided Meditation For Better Sleep” Guided Meditation Script:

You may have woven mindfulness practice into your day—

but as soon as you lie down in bed,
you notice the mind beginning to race.

As you settle down for the evening,
the mind may not always read the situation accurately.

With the stimuli of daily life over,
the mind can seem louder than usual.

This exercise can be used in these moments to help settle the mind
and body as you prepare for sleep.

bedtime guided meditation, Bedtime Guided Meditation For Better Sleep

Standing next to your bed, take a few deep breaths.

Center yourself in the present moment,
bringing your awareness to the body as it is right now.

When you climb into bed,
remain aware of what is occurring in the body.

As you lie down,
feel the body assume a resting position.

Use the breath to bring mindfulness to the body and cultivate relaxation.

As you breathe in,
feel the lungs fill with air.

When you exhale,
feel the body soften into your mattress.

How to Use This Mindfulness Bedtime Meditation Script

You can use this bedtime mindfulness meditation script to enhance your own practice or to help guide others to sleep. If you’re using meditation scripts for personal use, it helps to familiarize yourself with the meditation so you don’t have to read it. No memorization is needed as long as the intent of the meditation is clear.

To guide others in mindfulness bedtime meditation, you may want to record an audio or video session. That way, people can listen to your meditation in the privacy of their own home. When recording a bedtime guided meditation, speak slowly and clearly. Be mindful that the tone of your voice is as important as the words you choose to say. How might you guide a loved one in the moments just before bed? 

So many of us suffer from too little sleep. So, bedtime guided meditation is a good meditation script choice for mindfulness meditation teachers who are looking to offer a free recording as a lead magnet on their website, to gain followers on social media, or to help future clients get to know them better.


The mind is no more active at bedtime than it is during the day. We only perceive it as such because at bedtime we become quiet enough to notice. We can help calm and stabilize the mind with meditation at any time of the day. Bedtime mindfulness, however, not only addresses the busy mind but lets us do so at a time of day when we naturally have more space to slow down. Use this guided meditation script to try a mindfulness bedtime routine and observe what changes.

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