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February 23, 2024

Mudita is a Sanskrit word, sometimes translated as vicarious joy. With this guided meditation for happiness, we learn to connect to mudita, finding joy in life’s shared moments. With mudita, we can connect to happiness any time we see it in others, thus sharing in joy as if it were our own.

Our typical reaction to the happiness of another is one of jealousy or perhaps even anger. By reacting in this way, we unnecessarily separate ourselves from joy, the very thing we wish we had! When we open our hearts and recognize that all joy shared becomes our own, we begin to experience more happiness every day, by learning to rejoice in the joy of others.

In this meditation script for happiness, we first connect to the feeling of joy by bringing to mind a past happy experience. Then, we imagine someone else feeling the same, to sense what it feels like in our bodies when we are happy for them. 

  • Practice Time: < 10 minutes
  • Purpose: Cultivating Joy
  • May Help With: Emotional Intelligence, Gratitude, Contentment
  • Practice Level: Intermediate
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Here’s a Sample of the “Mudita Guided Meditation for Happiness” Guided Meditation Script:

The Attitude of Gratitude

This exercise comes from the Buddhist practice of mudita, which means “appreciative joy.”

It can be understood as simply “showing up” for happiness with a caring presence.

As you train the mind to rejoice in happiness, you gain many benefits.

You feel more fulfilled by joy, recognize happiness more easily in your life, and train the mind to treat happiness as an important experience.

Find a comfortable posture and invite in relaxation from the beginning of your practice.

As you breathe, appreciate the life offered from each inhalation.

With the exhalation, let go of any tension in the mind or body.

Bring to mind a time in which you recently experienced happiness.

guided meditation for happiness, Mudita Guided Meditation for Happiness

It may be something small, like seeing a friend, watching the sunset, or the simple joy of lying down at night.

When you have something, allow yourself to feel the experience of contentment.

With the intention of cultivating gratitude, offer yourself a few phrases of appreciative joy.

Keep the memory in your mind, and offer these phrases:

May my happiness continue.

May my happiness grow

May I be present for the joy.

May I appreciate the joy in my life.

If your experience feels more like contentment or ease, you can substitute the words that resonate with you.

How to Use This Happiness Meditation Script

This happiness meditation script is beneficial for anyone who is struggling with jealousy or the feeling that they aren’t getting enough of what they want most. It may also introduce advanced practitioners to the concept of interdependence. This happiness meditation script is marked as intermediate, as it asks listeners to work with past memory to conjure up a particular feeling in their body, that of joy.

To use this meditation script for happiness, read it through several times. Get comfortable with the concept of mudita, and what it feels like in your body to share in another’s happiness. When you’re ready to guide others in meditation, you may read this script word for word, or make edits to the wording as you see fit. 

Share the meditation live in individual or group settings. You can also use this guided meditation for happiness to record audio of video meditations.


We all want to be happy, to experience more joy in our lives. And yet, we frequently disconnect ourselves from joy, by getting upset at the joy of another. With mindfulness, we can choose a more skillful response, we can smile upon those who are smiling. In the process, we sense joy in our bodies and it becomes our own.

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