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Reflecting On A Positive Future

Reflecting On A Positive Future. This inspiring meditation script is another powerful practice for teenagers and adults. It encourages the listener to visualize a positive future, deepening the self-inquiry with meaningful questions. It is well-suited for those who have some degree of mindfulness experience.

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Let's begin by taking a moment to allow your body to settle.

Find a comfortable position
that allows your spine to be long but with a natural curve in the low back (2 seconds).

You can close your eyes or keep them open with a soft gaze downward a few feet in front of you (2 seconds).

Let the belly and shoulders relax (5 seconds).

Today I’ll guide you through a practice to envision a positive future.

It’s a chance to connect with that place inside us
that wants to work toward a life of meaning and fulfillment (2 seconds).

This is a useful way to consider how we care for ourselves and others (2 seconds)

and how to show up at our best to meet life's challenges (5 seconds).

Before we start, take a full breath in (2 seconds)

and a long breath out (5 seconds).

Now allow the breath to find its natural rhythm (2 seconds)

in and out (2 seconds)

allowing yourself to be fully present resting on the breath (20 seconds).

I’ll provide you with questions to prompt ideas and responses
that can help to find a positive future (2 seconds).

Throughout this practice, let your body and mind feel loose and open (2 seconds).

Repeat the questions I offer silently and to yourself (5 seconds).

Resist the urge to problem-solve
and see if anything comes up on its own organically (2 seconds).

If nothing comes to mind you can always continue to rest your attention on the breath
until something comes up (10 seconds).

Let's begin (5 seconds).

Ask yourself, “what kind of a future do I feel deeply moved towards?” (10 seconds)

Notice the thoughts, feelings, and images that come to mind (5 seconds).

Meanwhile, remembering to breathe, breathing in (2 seconds)

and breathing out (10 seconds).

As you hold this positive future in your mind, what feelings are present? (15 seconds)

Here's some more questions to help explore the future you feel deeply moved towards (5 seconds).

How can I show up in a way that will allow this positive future to unfold? (40 seconds)

How can I show up fully for the opportunities that I encounter? (30 seconds)

Who do I want to be in relation to others? (25 seconds)

What might get in the way and how will I move beyond it? (20 seconds)

What are the skills or capabilities that I’ll need to get there? (20 seconds)

How might practice support this future? (25 seconds)

Reflecting on a Positive Future

See yourself right now somewhere in this positive future and reflect on the things that you did that enabled you to get there (5 seconds).

See yourself doing some of those things (2 seconds).

Maybe its spending time with family (2 seconds),

maybe it's engaging in a daily practice that supports clarity and focus (2 seconds)

maybe it's putting your energy into learning new skills (2 seconds)

or maybe it's how you allow yourself to connect with others (5 seconds).

See those things in your mind's eye and notice what it feels like as you imagine doing them (25 seconds).

You can come back to this meditation at any time
to rediscover connection to that place inside that's ready to create that positive future.

We all have the ability to improve our lives and the lives of those around us (2 seconds).

Can you take this feeling with you as you head back to your day? (2 seconds)

Can you allow it to guide how you interact with your world now? (5 seconds)

Let's finish this positive future practice now (2 seconds)

by taking a full breath in (2 seconds)

and a long breath out (5 seconds)

*ding* (15 seconds)

Integrated Practice: Write for 3 full minutes for each journaling prompt below. Once you’ve finished, take a few minutes to reread what you wrote and reflect.

Journaling Prompts:
1. What I’ve learned from SIY is...
2. What surprised me is…
3. What I feel committed to is…


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