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February 3, 2024

Open awareness meditation is a fundamental mindfulness practice. It is a type of meditation that strengthens our capacity to be with ‘what is’ without judgment. By practicing this form of meditation, we develop our ability to live harmoniously with the present moment.

This short open awareness meditation script is a 5-minute practice for cultivating spacious awareness. When practiced with curiosity, it may help us cultivate qualities of acceptance and non-judgment. It can help us to live fully awake in the here and now.

You can use this meditation script in your personal practice or while guiding others. As always, lead this meditation with care and curiosity.

  • Practice Time: Approx. 5 minutes
  • Purpose: Open Awareness
  • May Help With: Acceptance, Non-Judgment, Presence
  • Practice Level: Intermediate
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Here’s a Sample of the “Short Open Awareness Meditation Script” Guided Meditation Script:

Let’s begin by taking a moment to allow your body to settle.

Find a comfortable position that allows your spine to be long
but with a natural curve in the low back.

You can close your eyes or keep them open
with a soft gaze downward a few feet in front of you.

Let the belly and shoulders relax (2 seconds).

Today I will guide you through an open awareness practice.

Before we start,
take a full breath in and a long breath out (3 seconds).

awareness meditation script, Short Open Awareness Meditation Script

We'll work on opening our awareness to whatever arises;

thoughts, sensations, feelings, and sounds will come and go.

Cultivate open awareness by practicing meeting whatever comes,

trying not to focus on or place more or less weight on any one thing.

As you breath in (2 seconds)

and breath out (15 seconds).

If you feel yourself following a stinky thought or feeling,

labeling it can be helpful.

Labels can include simple words like thinking, work, or excitement (10 seconds).

How to Use the Short Open Awareness Meditation Script

Since it can be practiced in only 5 minutes, this open awareness meditation script is a wonderful practice for a wide variety of settings. Consider the following ideas for using it, whether personally or professionally:

  • Record this meditation and listen to it for a daily lunch break mindfulness reset.
  • Read through the instructions and practice it each morning upon waking to enhance present moment awareness.
  • Use this script to introduce a group of students to the concept of open awareness meditation.
  • Record this meditation script and share it via your website, email newsletter, or social media channels.


It only takes a moment to pause and tune into what’s happening around and within us. This short open awareness meditation script is a wonderful practice for a quick mindful reset - at any time of day. Use it personally or professionally, guiding with care and curiosity towards ‘what is’.

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