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Opening Your Awareness to Whatever is Arising

A Meditation Script: Opening Your Awareness to Whatever is Arising. Tension, pain, softness, or an emotion or feeling. What arises and grabs your attention?

Let’s begin by taking a moment to allow your body to settle.

Find a comfortable position that allows your spine to be long
but with a natural curve in the low back.

You can close your eyes or keep them open
with a soft gaze downward a few feet in front of you.

Let the belly and shoulders relax (2 seconds).

Today I will guide you through an open awareness practice.

Before we start,
take a full breath in and a long breath out (3 seconds).

Opening Your Awareness To Whatever Is Arising

We'll work on opening our awareness to whatever arises;

thoughts, sensations, feelings, and sounds will come and go.

Cultivate open awareness by practicing meeting whatever comes,

trying not to focus on or place more or less weight on any one thing.

As you breath in (2 seconds)

and breath out (15 seconds).

If you feel yourself following a stinky thought or feeling,

labeling it can be helpful.

Labels can include simple words like thinking, work, or excitement (10 seconds).

Whenever you realize you have gotten caught up in thinking,

just come back to rest in the simple clear awareness of what's here now (15 seconds).

Lets finish this open awareness practice by taking a full breath in

and a long breath out (4 seconds)

*ding* (20 seconds).

Integrated Practice:
Take a few minutes today to go for a walk with open awareness.

While staying connected to your breath,
see how many colors, shapes, sounds, smells and
sensations you notice.

If you can’t be outside, try walking around your home or office with an
emphasis on seeing things in a new way.

Reflection Questions:

Was there anything that surprised you on your walk?

What impact might taking an open awareness approach have on your work?


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