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Laying Down Meditation And Visualizing A Lake

Laying Down Meditation And Visualizing A Lake. Another soft and soothing meditation script for sleep, this one invites readers and listeners to visualize an ever-changing lake. While the surface may be choppy (much like the mind), beneath the waves is a pool of great peace. This script invites us to feel into that.

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Here’s A Sample Of The “Laying Down Meditation And Visualizing A Lake” Guided Meditation Script:

making yourself comfortable
lying down on your bed
or on the floor,
or wherever you can be comfortable,
maybe putting a pillow of some sort under your knees.

Allowing your eyes to close
and your body to just melt into the floor or the bed,
and allowing your attention to gently
come into the body and to the flowing of the breath.

Experiencing the sense of the body as a whole,
simply lying here,
extended and breathing.

When you feel ready,
picturing in your mind’s eye
the image of a lake,
perhaps a lake that you know well and frequent,
or one that you’ve seen in a photograph,
or an imaginary lake, for that matter.

Just seeing if you can bring that image into vivid focus in your mind’s eye.

Laying Down Meditation And Visualizing A Lake

Noticing how it’s an extended body of water
held in a depression in the earth’s surface,
and perhaps fed by a spring or a stream.

If you watch and observe
the lake carefully,
you’ll notice that it’s always changing,
and yet it’s also always itself.

It changes as the sun moves across the sky.

The light is reflected off the water in different ways.

It changes depending on the weather.

on very calm days,
the surface might be like glass
and reflect virtually everything with great precision that comes by,
the trees
that might surround
the lake,
the sun
as it makes its journey across the sky,
and for that matter,
the moon
and the stars at night.

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