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Shaila Catherine talks about boredom as a hindrance to meditation. A hindering force that prevents us from being aware and awake from what is happening.

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The Role of Motivation and Intention

“Everything rests on the tip of one’s motivation.” Kate Munding urges us to think if we truly live our lives as though it were true. Its role and intention.

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Equanimity: Finding Balance In Difficult Times

James Baraz talks about pain and suffering in the world. We have the power to alleviate pain. Find balance in difficult times through equanimity.

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Remembering Motivation

Improve your motivation and look deep into your self, access the place of your accomplishments. Sean Fargo leads a guided meditation remembering motivation.

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Failing Well

Matthew Brensilver talks about Failing Well. It’s about perfectionism, failure, and loving-kindness. In practice, failing is indispensable and important.

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Energizing Your Body (Binaural Beat)

Binaural Beat for Energizing Your Body. Binaural beats are auditory illusion perceived by the brain when two different tones are played into each ear. Binaural Beat for Energizing Your Body by Eric Bartel.

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